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Red face Game Crashes in Tutorial

I've got a big f***ing problem:
When I play the Tutorial (1st campaign mission) and I was told how to select my units I have to try this. When I select the Enforcers near the sandsacks Vantage says "excellent", then the game crashes.
What can I do zo solve that problem?
greetz Tobi

Excuse my English plz, I'm German.
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I don't get past the loading screen, consider yourself lucky.
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What graphics card are you using?

If its a Nvidia card then the problem is with the driver, not the game.

Since the driver update 197.13 the game crashes just like you described. Just install driver update 196.21 and the game will run fine.

The crash only happens during the Story Mode. On Skirmish it doesn't occur. I don't know if it happens on multiplayer because nobody is playing it when I connect.

I know this because I bought the game on december and during that time it ran perfect. On March I installed the (at that time new) driver update 197.13 and the problems started (game crashing) when I decided to finish again the Story Mode to achieve the Epic Saga Achievement. I had to rollback to driver update 196.21 so that I could play Story Mode again.
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