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Need a Fix plug-in for Vampire quest

Yes, like everyone i got the worst thing in the game. I'm a vampire and i have shivering isles. 1.2 patch. But when I tried to start the quest for the cure I talked to a priest or whatever about the cure and they sent me to Raminus. I went to him and he has no response for it. He has 84 points of fame for me and he's not acting scared or anything he just doesn't have the option to talk. All he has is Mages Guild and Rumors... and the same thing for Janus. The quest points at Raminus but he can't talk!!!!!!! Grr... I spawned loads of vampire cure potions and drank over 300... and nothing. So um yeah someone help.. This is .
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The vampire quest is a little buggy but thats not wheré the bugs are. You can complete it but you might want to save before you start. If you just want to remove the vampire taint, get the Vile Lair DLC, its not only full of vampire lore but it has an easier way to cure your self built in to it.

Beths site should have it somewhere. It will cost you but its a cool DLC.

Also since you are a vampire, why not make the most of it.

Go to my Cyrodiil Upgrade thread in here and read up on Origin of the mages guild but understand, the vampire stuff is BIG but it is an easter egg. So your going to have to find it on your own and you will not see much about it written down anywhere. It uses the vampire lore from the elder scrolls and especially the Vile lair dlc. You might find it interesting.

I will give you 1 clue, the AU is the place to look.
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