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Hello Nice People!

1stly I did see a post made a few days ago that had some info on this but it did work for us all the way so I think we need to give them some more detail to aid them in finding a solution or workaround until they correct or hot fix this issue.

The game runs smoothly for us no real hiccups to report except on occasion it will black screen the desktop when it shuts down. The main issue currently is when we go online and go to find games and click on the enter button to bring up the servers lists the game locks up or crashes back to the desk top. There is no particular opattern to report for when it just locks up or crashes it seems to be randomly as we only get to that enter key and bada bing your outathere.

I am having the problem ion both a Vista 64Bit and a Win 7 64Bit machine and my buddy's is a Vista 64 bit as well. This just started happening a few days ago so it is possible that gamespy had an update that is a fault...AFTER VISITING GAMESPY IT SEEMS ALL THE IGN GROUP WEBSITES ARE DOWN INCLUDIONG GAMESPY ALL FOR MAINTENANCE THIS COULD EXPLAIN THE SUDDEN ISSUE.

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