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Cannot login to steam

Everytime i try and login to my steam account it just stays idle.
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Could you clarify on what you mean by "idle"? What exactly does Steam do?
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Assuming I'm interpreting your post correctly; I'm having this issue too.

First it was this.

In my attempts to fix the issue above I killed the steam process. Steam incorrectly thought a game was running.
I haven't been able to log back in since. I've rebooted, reconfigured my entire network, my firewall & my router. Fun times.

Anyway -
The login interface dies (total non-responsiveness) immediately after I press 'login' but without changing to an 'attempting to login' dialog. Sometimes, in time, it will tell me that it can't connect. Mostly it doesn't.
I've let it sit for up to an hour at a time in this state, with no change.
Next time I open steam it does seem the credentials have been saved, as it tries to automatically login. This is non-responsive from the start.
As I write this it seems to have timed out and popped up another 'enter pw' dialog. Still no luck though.

I've also deleted clientregistry.blob a bunch of times.
Having found the thread linked above, I've renamed my "source 2007 shared materials.gcf" file but to no avail.
I have high hopes of it fixing the 'can't open any games' issue. But it seemingly has no effect on the more pressing 'steam is totally kaplunked' issue.

Help. Anyone?
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