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Sir Arun
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Mid February 2012 Napoleon crashing?


since a couple hours, I've been having a serious problem with Napoleon Total war, and before I reinstall the whole 15GB thing, thought I'd ask you guys whether you're also experiencing this.

Basically, I cannot start a battle anymore - the game crashes midway through the loading screen.

1) It is not a corrupted save file, as I tried loading older saves and the pre-battle leading screen crashes again.

2) I also started a new campaign to check, same problem.

3) Even custom battles from the main menu cause this.

4) I verified integrity of game cache - some files refused to validate, so I tried playing the game again - same thing.

5) Defragmenting cache to no avail

6) Disabled all mods I was using via ModManager, even checked the user.script file if all was right, and launched NTW, again, same result.

7) Tried to run steam in offline mode - didn't help, and furthermore, if you run NTW in offline mode, YOU DO NOT GET ACCESS to the battle of Friedland, the English Battle of Waterloo, and the units from that DLC pack.

8) As to the "enable Beta participation" fix, well, if I go to steam -> click on the steam tab in the top left corner -> scroll down and click settings, then under the account tab, in the beta participation section, I only get this message:

"Beta participation: (none currently avaliable)"

I can neither enable it, or opt out of it anymore.

I'm at my wits end here guys, please try whether you are experiencing the same issue - I can't be the only one?

We had a similar steam NTW phenomenon in the beginning of February, so that may not be the first time that EVERYONE had this issue at once.

EDIT: Interestingly, naval battles work fine. It's just loading screens to land battles that cause the crash.

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