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Gothic 3 problem

I have Gothic 3. I have an AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE with 2 gb ddr3 1600 and a HIS HD 4770 512 mb GDDR5.
The problem is that the game is not playable. At 1680x1050 or at 1440x900 I have high framerates, but suddendly goes down to 10-15.
It happens all the times. I have a good PC for this game I think. I seen other playing at HD resolution on an ATI 3650.
So, what´s happening at my computer?
Also, I have comunnity patch 1.73 installed. I don´t think that that is the problem.
Please, help
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I have a text problem, I am on Windows 7 and installed gothic 3 and community patch 1.74. But in-game I cant see the text of the monsteres I'm fighting, Items on the ground and when i level up no text notification. Is there something i have to change in the ini file or am I missing something?
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@matrix. i had a similar problem a while back, try replacing the games font file.... use a font that uses less memory like courier or something.
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UniqueSnowflake is right. I had this same problem on a retail copy. I just deleted the font file instead of replacing it and I think it just defaulted to a system font any way. You can find more info here.


Yes it is a good chance that a certain fonts is causing you to have unplayable framerates. Strange I know...
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