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Quake 1 high res pack

Does anyone know if any of the quake 1 high rez packs work for the steam distro of Quake 1? For example

Rygel's 'High' hi-res texture pack
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Yes it works perfectly, what you may want to do is the following:
I made a little "guide" to enhance your Quake to the max, these are the things and steps I took to enhance my quake game.

This step will download a new improved engine and music by MenanceINC
1. Go to this thread and follow the instructions.
When completed you will have Darkplaces engine which improves the quality greatly and you will also have music ingame.
You may also want to download the DPmod for Darkplaces to enable realistic lighting, this can be downloaded here, follow the instructions given in the zip file.
Now before you continue I would advice you to test it first, restart steam just in case and right click quake1 and go to properties and set launch options.
Now enter the following without the brackets: "-dpmod" and then press ok and try to launch the game.
If your game is still working up to this point, good you can get to the next step
Note; -dpmod is NOT required to start the game but it enables the Realistic Lightning option.

This step will improve the performance when using Realistic Lightning
2. Now if your game works fine you may notice that if you turn on Realistic Lightning in the options ingame your fps will drop immensely, you may want to download Romi's trlights to improve the performance.
For quake 1 and all mission packs: here
Follow the readme inside the Zip file to get it to work.

This step will finally improve the textures ingame
3. In my opinion, Rygel's textures are the best out there and I would advice anyone to have them for the best Quake experience.
Download rygel's textures by selecting one of the 2 mirror's: here.
The download should be in a setup.exe file, when running the setup there will be instructions on how to get it to work and how to install in Darkplaces, read the instructions carefully.

After install the textures, your game should look fresh and new compared to the original.
I will update this post when I get back home this evening and see if I can get some screenshots up and running to show you how Quake will look when you combine the 3 steps.

At the moment there are no completely finished HD models for Quake 1, there is a site that is currently making them and that is this one.
They have a handful of nice models you can download but I myself won't download them just yet until they are in some kind of pack because at the moment you will have to download them separately.

Let me know if this is helpful to anyone or if there are problems and ill try to help you.

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The links need updating for this to be of any use !
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