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How do you load up WADS on Doom?

The original had the launcher where you could go in and load it this one runs off DOS.
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Doom always ran off DOS, the launcher you speak of was a source port they made so it would run on Windows systems.

You could always find some other source port and use that to load up wads, it should work as long as you have the Doom wad to go with it.

Anyhow, here's a site that should help you loading them on DOS: http://www.classicdoom.com/how-wads.htm
Obviously, you'll need to find a way to do it with DOSBox as it is configured here to automatically start the game rather then going through the command lines, this I don't know.

Your best bet would really just be to get a source port, possibly a front end application like ZDL to go with that port as well.

EDIT: You can edit DOSBox.conf to type out the commands you want it to run at startup it turns out, you'll have to always edit it everytime you wish to load up a wad though.

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Originally Posted by TheOD View Post
you'll have to always edit it everytime you wish to load up a wad though.
Or just have a seperate shortcut for each map pack?

but then I guess you could just run the non-steam executable then.
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Why don't you use something like the Doomsday engine port to play? All I have to do it tell it where the wad files(no moving files) are to play them. I just point to the game in Steam and play. It also looks better than the DosBox version does imo.
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If you want to play vanilla DOOM with pwads, download the DOOM 95 client, copy the DOOM and DOOM 2 main wad files into the directory where you install DOOM 95, put the custom wads that you want to play in there too, then use the launcher to load them. Easy peasy.
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Easiest way is probably zDoom.
Just download and unzip, put all the wads you have in the same folder and run zDoom.exe. No install needed. You can also run mods with zDoom by clicking the wad file itself and telling it to be run by zDoom.exe and then choosing the original game the mod is for on the popup screen.

Lets not forget the uber mod for Doom 1:
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If you have the Master Levels for Doom II you should be able to dump you wads at

#:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\master levels of doom\master\wads and it detect them for the base users then I would recommend getting more up to date 3rd party software some of these can be found at


Doomsday is a particularly good port as it changes the graphics to make it have a more 3d feel to it. As shown here

All are compatible with the packages sold on steam with the knowledge that the game files you own are legitimate so theres no foul play in making your experience better. Plus all of the up to date ports usually support the additional WAD feature just be sure to read that help file as some take a lot mroe work to get started than others but sometimes the work is worth it.
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ZDoom is probably the easiest port to use for this, since it supports drag & drop. Just go to the folder where you have your wads, select the one you want to play and drag it and drop it on the zdoom.exe or shortcut.
You could obviously also set Windows up to auto launch Zdoom if you doubleclick a .wad, but if you also like making doom wads on your own, you might prefer to have doubleclicking set to start doombuilder or something instead.

Another way would be editing the doom.conf files in the base folder, there is a rather simple way to make a .bat file (which the last lines of those .conf files basically are), that lets you input the name of a wad before starting the game, and then will start the game with that wad.
It's been a while since the DOS days, so I can't remember what you had to write at the moment, but I'll check around for that.
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