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TF2 Load times

I am not complaining, I just want this fixed/want to see if there is a fix or if I should stop playing on a mac...

-Whenever I try to join an online match, it takes 2-5 minutes to join, which I do not know if that is normal, but I doubt it , because I was playing on as server, the map switched after the game, and the game started, but I was still at the loading screen. I joined later as the game was already progressing quite a ways...

-I cannot download a new map or anything. Team Fortress freezes and I get the spinning pinwheel until I Force Quit the application.

-The last game I tried to join I got disconnected because it said my connection? was corrupted...

I have great internet, so I believe that is not the problem, because I have not had problems with lag or anything of this kind before. Once I am in a game it runs really smooth on medium/high settings. Although sometimes music kicks in and out... on different servers.


General Info:
2.4 GHz intel core duo
2 GB ram

Post if I need anything else to diagnose the problem or anything.
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