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Bugs and Solutions

Please use this thread to tell us about any known bugs and we will use this as a basis for what we need to look at for an update. If someone posts a bug, but you know the answer then please post here.

Thankyou in advance.
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For example if you are having problems saving in the game.

The reason for this problem is that you're not using the default location for the "My Documents" folder and the game can't deal with this. You just need to reset the location of "My Documents" to the default (no need to move your files), play the game until you've got your first save, and then select your chosen location for "My Documents" again (this time moving the files). All you have to do then is to move the contents of "Copy of My Games" to "My Games" and you're good to go.

Solution courtesy of Cogito.
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I have already posted about this a couple of times, I think I should post it here too.

If you have Windows 7 and you're having sound problems with the Windows system sounds (very low volume) after playing or just trying to play co-op, it's NOT a sound bug. It's because of an option in Control Panel - Sound - Manage Audio Devices - Communications tab, that by default "reduces sound volume by 80%" when Windows detects communications activity. Turn this to "Do Nothing" and sounds get back to normal.

The problem is that the game "tries to communicate" with something, even after you exit it completely, and Windows detects that.
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Game crashes on every start-up.

I played AB:Impact several times, but sometimes it crashed. So I installed newest graphics and physX drivers and now I cannot play. I tried to reinstall the game and drivers, but it didnt help. Can I post the crash dumps? The game close with "We apologize for ... application mus be closed" and sometimes with "GameOverlayUI.EXE Operation read fails with some memory adressess".

My config:

WinXp 32bit SP3
nForce4ultra with AMD X2 4200
GeForce 8800GT

This config is similar to H.E.X.E.N.´s computer and his game crashes too.
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I found out that the game really dislikes firewalls preventing its communication on my system. Before I got the chance to let my firewall "learn" this software, Alien Breed would crash without warning as soon as it tried to communicate and was prevented(not always at a point I myself would deem logical). Letting my firewall allow the exe file to communicate removed these particular crashes.

I can still crash the game at will by hitting an arrow key in a menu in the game, and sometimes get random crashes too during gameplay, but at least I found the cause for this particular crash.
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i didn't think i had any bugs but reading this it reminded me in coop if my m8 presses the scroll keys in the menu during a game he crashes. i haven't tried it yet, usually too busy staying alive lol!

apart from that not a prob i'm glad to say.
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Another problem solved by the community was one brought up by HEXEN.

Every time I try to play, I start a new game and it loads and starts the first story board sequence or "comic book squares", and when it gets to the one showing him sitting on the bed or something, the screen freezes, then goes blank, then brings up an error report.

Currently running this on my work rig with the following specs...

Windows XP SP3 32 bit
Chaintech VNF4 Ultra mainboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Toledo @ 2 ghz
2 gigs corsair value select
nvidia 7800GT with 163.75 WHQL

The answer was provided by padgey2010

http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/winxp...driver-uk.html thats a link to the UK drivers for it.. but you can change the language if your not from UK... i think trying the latest graphics drivers might help as 163 is pretty old to be honest...
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Demo is killing full version. Halp!

Hey all.
So I'm not sure if this issue is with Steam or Alien Breed: Impact directly, but here's the deal:

I downloaded the demo to try it out. I loved it, so I bought the two-pack deal. I tried to install the full version, but it told me I already had it installed. I figured that maybe the demo installed the full game, but just blocked access to the full version, so I didn't think much about it.

Later that night, I launched the game only to find out it was still just the demo. It gave me the option to "purchase the full version," but I wasn't about to do that because I'd already done it (not to mention the browser window it opens when I click that option is completely blank and never loads a page).

I uninstalled the local files for the game and re-downloaded/re-installed. Same issue.

I installed the game on my laptop and it works great, so I can only assume that the problem is from some config or temp files stored locally on my machine; an issue that I assumed would be fixed when using the "delete local files" option.

I've done a search on my machine for any files that contain "alien breed" or "alienbreed" and deleted them, but whenever I re-install, the same problem occurs.

Also, I'm fairly confident that my machine specs honestly don't matter for this issue, but here they are in case I'm horribly wrong:

Win7 Ultimate x64
8mb ram
Athlon64 X2 7750 2.7GHz
Radeon HD 5770 1GB DDR5

Seriously... HALP!
(and cheers in advance for any assistance)
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last night i bought my first upgrade, on my rookie single player game, for the laser rifle; the rapid fire module.
tried it out and didn't notice much difference.

started the game today and was checking my inverntory and noticed the upgrade icon on my laser rifle is the enhanced reload module.
went to the intex terminal to check i hadn't accidentally chosen the reload module, but the rapid fire module had been bought.

i haven't noticed any problems with the other weapon upgrades, but i haven't tried them all yet.

tip for upgrades, do them after saving so you can try them out and if you don't like it reload the game

yes same thing with the assault rifle and flamethrower, though the rapid fire module does actually appear to work on them both, don't think it did on the laser rifle but could be wrong.

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does anyone else have this problem with upgrades or is it just me?

oh yeah i forgot, when you use the hardened armour and try using another the message, like the one that comes up if you try using a medikit "full health", is a line of code.

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Can't start Game

I reinstalled

Grafic Driver
MS Visual C++

also deleted Game before Driver Update and reinstalled Game
and still the exe hangs at start.

never had Probs with any Game on Steam.

Windows7 64bit
Nvidia GTX280
8 GB Ram
Intel Core2 Extreme Q6850
Samsung SSD-HD
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I played the game for almost 1 hour on my computer. Now it's not starting anymore. When I try to start the game, nothing happens. I reinstalled the game, but nothing works. On my Laptop it's still working fine.

i5-750 @3,5
4GB G.Skill 1600 DDR3
ATI HD 5850
Win7 Ult. X64

Asus X50N
Geforce 9700GT M
Win7 Ult. X64

Hope you can help.
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just noticed it seems I just can´t access the achievements status while in game (menu), if I click on achievements it just does nothing.
I can see them in the steam game page though, they are working there but not in the main menu of the game, only me ?
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works for me ok, not had a prob with it
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@billt17: any news about a patch to fix the start-problems? It seems that still many ppl cant play the game!

i hope the money i spent was not just to see the AB-loading screen and nothing else.
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