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Detailed gameplay videos

Hey folks, I notice a lot of people browsing these forums looking to see if they should buy the game or not. So I'm going to post some tutorial videos I made. I originally planned to make them for all classes, but I got tired of it and decided to scrap the idea half-way through. But, they should give an accurate (albeit blurry) representation of the game.

**I play on the lowest graphics so I get get a high FPS and I never have to worry about GPU lag, the game looks much better on high graphics**

Overall class review

HUD tutorial

Soldier Tutorial

Commando Tutorial

Scientist Tutorial

Amarna (Map) Runthrough

I'd also like to mention that there are dozens of other videos. There is the official trailer which i will link at the bottom. Also, this game is rapidly changing, so I'd say after a month, most of these videos will only be applicable for basic play. We are expecting the HUD to change drastically sometime this summer.

Official Dark Comet Games Trailer

Hope this helps!

P.S. There are hundreds of people on the servers, I'd say about between 30-50 at any given time. Remember full servers don't show up, and that if you want the game to gain more players you have to start playing it too lol.
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