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Great Game... if you're blessed with the patience of a saint!

Hi there,

I rarely bother to compose game critiques on the basis that someone, more often than not, has already done so - and far better than I ever could. However, there seems to be such a conspicuous dirth of information about this game, I thought I'd volunteer my own modest contribution according to my experiences of the game so far.

Firstly, I bought this game as a result of a steam discount offer so I had modest expectations. My first impressions were generally optimistic - the intro, musical score and layout seem fairly polished though I'm dissapointed that there is no 'run in window' toggle in the video options.

I found the actual game itself to be quite addictive. The idea of retaining units from battle to battle provides a real incentive to think strategically thus preserving them for subsequent confrontations - no C&C style swarming here. I noticed a lot of players were dissapointed with the camera system, I actually find it to be quite intuitive - using the cursor keys to pan and the mouse to rotate, if ever I lost orientation, I just had to double click on the unit tile in the UI and hey presto.

The AI is pretty good, no getting stuck on invisible walls, no irrational or seemingly random behaviour from units and they certainly have no trouble in discerning the shortest path to a given waypoint/target. Unfortunately, there does seem to be a slight issue with certain practicalities such as unit balancing and of course my own pet peeve... the incredible performance of the Moorish Olympic Archers, they can outrun a charging cavalry unit for a half a map if they get a head start!

The graphics are very reasonable though clearly not cutting edge which leads me to mention some of the real negative points of this release, some of which are frankly, unforgivable! Anyone who isn't utilising a space-age supercomputer running on a fission reactor is likely to have to get used to a certain amount of stuttering/stalling which can make camera panning frustrating. I assume, there was no beta version for this game and that testing must have been fairly limited and highly selective because I found the game would crash every 3rd battle.

And when I say crash, I mean black screen followed by 'no signal' then automatic reboot type crash. At the expence of nearly 27 hours of RAID array verification, I have made it to level 7 with my sanity just vaguely intact which is why I felt compelled to write this diatribe in the hopes of forewarning other would be asylum inmates from making a serious mistake. I would hope that the developer takes the time to read the steam forum feedback on their product as I really think they were on to something but they will have to make a better effort with their bug testing in future.

My suggestions to the devs:

1) Add a 'run in window' toggle option as the steam client switches have no effect.

2) Please please please optimise the game engine - no way should this game require such astronomical power to run.

3) Please check for memory leaks and put aside more time/effort/money for an exhaustive play testing strategy.

Thanks.. and good luck with future releases! I haven't been put off but I'll be sure to evaluate the feedback in future.


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I played this game for a bit and saw that truly, there are easily better games out there in the world. Graphics are mild (and the machine I ran it on was quite good, at least in terms of this game). If anything, it reminded me of a semi-better looking Medieval: Total War, only more fantasy like, and less intuitive. I also bought it on a Steam sale for 6 dollars, and it was a 6 dollars I regret spending. But whatever, you live you learn.

Thanks for the review!
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You guys are brutal. The game is not that bad. I enjoy it.
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