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Really bad EQ2 performance

These are my specs

GTX 260
AMD Athlon X4 680 2.81 Ghz
2gb ram

At max, the game runs at about 7-12fps.
Turning details to medium does very little, still sits at about 12fps. Turning the game to low still causes only about 20fps, looks very ugly.
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that ram is insufficient on top of that depending on OS you can take a performance hit (vista= poor ram management)

Depending on zone...draw distance can kill you...like in Kylong plains full of trees...water to... I cut my draw distance down I am back up in FPS with High Quality...(using 280gtx)

I have the 9750 amd am2 with 4 gigs of ram dual channeled..with mentioned graphics card. Some areas I can run on extreme some areas I have to tone it down to Balanced ...most the time when PVE I can hang around High Quality.

The graphics load varies ...you in a raid? Yep all those spells and effects will push that card... In a PVE zone gathering like Thundering Steppes...low impact.

For PVP i dump down to balanced because frame skips can be a difference between getting killed by slow response..
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EQ2 is a very poorly optimised game.

it was made to take advantage of hardware that does not exist. the developers thought today we'd have 10 Ghz SINGLE-core CPUs.

EQ2 is not designed around multi-core CPUs and high-end GPUs. the game draws very little on the GPU even and most of the game is CPU driven.

you also need to manually adjust sliders... you cannot just use the pre-set settings and expect performance. you need to customise the settings to your liking and get a balance of quality and performance.

2 GB is fine to run the game... but not at Max or very high.
but yes, the OP should step it up to 3 GB+ of RAM.
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I have:

GTX 275
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8Ghz (6cores)

I run this game at 30-45 FPS with pretty much everything at max in nearly every zone.

IMO More RAM could help you out.
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In one of the option settings you can have the game run most of it's features through GPU rather than CPU, try that. I think it's set to CPU by default. They recently added this feature to help players optimize the game better.
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