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Sneaky Phishers at it again

I got a second false email from 'Valve' involving me verifying my Steam account via email today. The first time I was only saved by Firefox - this time I was prepared and noticed the flaws in the email. A screenshot of the malicious mail is here.

Suspicious areas are boxed in red.

1)The title - email adresse verification
2)verify is spelled correctly here...
3)Link is MIA.
4)...and verify is spelled 'verfie' at the end.

This thread being posted in the HL2, TF2, Portal 2, and Ep. 2 forums for a wider spread of warning.
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I have gotten a number of these. I never open them.
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How's that related to EP2? Anyway, click "Show details". There, you can see the real return path.
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If the email doesn't come from a valve domain, it's probably fake. Click "show details." You know it's tragic. Anyone with basic knowledge of how email works wont be fooled by this, but relatively speaking, the number of people who do are very few. Many of my friends have fallen victims to these things.

Opening them is harmless. Filling out the form it directs to probably not so.
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