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CSS Update: FAQs and Possible Fixes for Common Bugs

If you're looking for help, please read "Before Posting: Troubleshooting methods and How to get Help", then continue on down here. (You can do it the other way round as well). These below including this first link, will answer most of your questions, and will most probably solve your problem.

Counter-Strike Source Beta has been re-opened for all owners of CS:S. Click here for more information.

CSS Update FAQ (June 23, 2010)
Last update July 23, 2010
  • What's new in the update?
    This update includes the upgrading of the game to the Orange Box engine.

    This engine upgrade introduces a whole host of fixes and improvements, such as hugely improved netcode and hit registration and multi-core rendering support. This is the same engine that TF2 and DOD:S are currently running on (Source 2009).

    The primary reason for the port (other than being a previously promised upgrade), is to bring the game to Mac systems.

    In addition to the engine upgrade, Valve has also included several multiplayer features: such as achievements (145), player stats, cinematic death camera shots (or freezecams), new scoreboard with Steam avatars, and a new MVP win panel at the end of the match.
  • I don't like [this feature]. Can it be removed? Can I disable it?
    Cinematic death camera shots (or deathcams, killcams): you can. Client-side, go to Options > Multiplayer > Advanced and uncheck it. Server-side, you can use the command sv_disablefreezecam 1 (If the server is set to force spectate to team only or no-spectate then freeze cam is automatically disabled.).
    Dominations & revenges: using the command sv_nonemesis 1 server-side.
    MVP panel & stars: using the command sv_nomvp 1 server-side.
    The MVP panel can also be disabled using a client side cvar: cl_nowinpanel 1
    A global server side cvar can also be used: sv_nowinpanel 1
    Stats with Steam: using the command sv_nostats 1 server-side. This also disables the ability to earn achievements.
    Achievements: using the client side command cl_show_achievement_popup 0 stops the achievements from being displayed when they are earned.
    HUD Hint Sound: A squishy sound at the start of round, and whenever information is presented/updated in the lower-middle part of the HUD (like voting info, and countdown timers). To disable type in console: cl_hudhint_sound 0
  • What is the dominations and revenge system
    ▪ Whenever you kill someone 4 times or more in a single map, you are considered dominating the person.
    ▪ Whenever you get killed 4 times or more in a single map by the same person, they are dominating you.
    ▪ Whenever a player that is being dominated kills the dominating player, a broken chain link appears in the death notice, indicating a revenge.
    ▪ Icons for domination, and revenge appear multiple times, on death notices, in the scoreboard, and on deathcams.
  • Why is the server browser showing me an icon list? Can we get the old server browser?
    The current server browser is defaulted, to show you the best server per map in an icon/thumbnail list. To revert to list view, simply uncheck "Simplified List" on the bottom of the server browser.
  • There are too many Achievements displayed in the chatbox, I can't follow in on the chats. Is there a way to hide them?
    Yes. When you press Y (default) to chat. There is a filters button on the top right corner of the chat box. Click on it, then a window will appear with multiple filter options. Uncheck the option "Achievement announce".
  • How do I set/change my clan tag?
    Clan tags are associated with a steam group you've joined. Assuming you have joined the steam group for your clan; then all you need to do is goto Options->Multiplayer->Advanced. There is a drop down list next to the label "Clan Tag". Clicking on it will list all the steam groups you're associated with, and you can choose one.
  • The score board is different, can we revert to the old style?
    ▪ Short answer: No.
    ▪ Long answer: There is no option to revert the scoreboard back to the previous settings, but there is a manual way you can get the old scoreboard back. It involves using the old files and creating a custom scoreboard. (I will not delve into this any further as it is out of the scope of this FAQ.
    ▪ You can also customize the colors of names in the scoreboard using:
    cl_scoreboard_ct_color_*, cl_scoreboard_t_color_*, cl_scoreboard_dead_color_*
    ▪ For clan tags you can use the following:
    cl_scoreboard_clan_ct_color_*, cl_scoreboard_clan_t_color_*, cl_scoreboard_clan_dead_color_*
  • The new scoreboard has lots of information! I don't even understand half of them!!
    You'll get used to the scoreboard once you acquaint yourself with it's features.
    ▪ On the top you'll find the map name, server name, whether stats are enabled or disabled, and the timeleft for the map.
    ▪ The two big numbers off-centered in the bored refer to the score for each team.
    ▪ Below the team names are the amount of people alive out of the full compliment in each team.
    ▪ Then follows the list of players on each team.
    ▪ Between the player's name and their avatar can be either the ClanTag of that player, or a blank space (if the player has not setup one).
    ▪ Stars next to people's names showing that they received an MVP Award (most kills of the round or winning action like defusing the bomb, or rescuing hostages, or the planter of the bomb if it's detonated.)
    ▪ The number on the upper right corner of the stars shows how many MVP Awards a player has recieved. (with no numbers meaning 1)
    ▪ There are two red icons that can appear next to the location of the stars (never both on the same player).
    - A devil icon shows that this person is dominating you.
    - A person with a target around the head shows that you are dominating the person.
    ▪ A skull is a dead player, this is also indicated by greying out the players name. (The skull will overlap the domination indicators, you'll still be able to tell the difference between dominator and dominated.)
  • Why was [this feature] removed/changed? Bring it back, Valve!
    Originally Valve decided that game play features will not be altered. However, due to community requests a few gameplay features have been modified as per their request. The few things that have been altered are as follows:
    Names: they are now synced with your Steam name, as per all of Valve's other games. To change your name in game simply press SHIFT+TAB then click on the arrow next to your name in the friends window, then click Change Profile Name.
    Smoke Grenades: Smoke grenades have been modified due to community request:
    - Made to bloom faster.
    - Made more opaque.
    - Fixed "one-way" smoke.
    HE Grenades: Damage inflicted by HE grenades has been modified due to a long standing bug discovered during the beta session, where the armor penetration of the grenade was dependent on the weapon that was equipped by the grenade thrower at the point of detonation. More details are explained below.
    Walking Speed: Walking speed in CS:S was increased from 0.41x running speed to 0.51x running speed. (from 100 to 130 when walking with a pistol)
    Crosshairs: The crosshairs were modified to provide extra features, like custom color (R,G,B), thickness, size and having a recoil indicator that is independent of fps. Info
  • Will DirectX 7 and DirectX 8 be supported by the new engine?
    DirectX 7 will not. DirectX 8 will still retain support.

    If your hardware is not capable of using DirectX 8 or higher, or performs poorly with DirectX 8, then it is recommended that you take this as a cue to upgrade your hardware.
  • Will current custom models, skins and maps work with the new engine?
    ▪ Custom maps do work with the new update but might have some issues.
    ▪ Custom skins and models should work fine in the new engine.
    (Thanks to ICantShoot for elaborating on the issue.)
  • Will I be able to use or play my demos on the new engine?
    or My demos no longer work after the update, what happened?
    No. Demos taken on older versions of the engine won't run on the new engine.
    Please read this thread for more information regarding Demos and Updates.
  • Why is the server limited to 66 tickrate? or
    My server no longer runs on 100 tickrate, What gives?!

    HPE and Valve have limited CS:S to 66 tickrate, and removed the '-tickrate' argument for srcds. They would like to provide consistent gameplay for all users, since different tickrates will affect rate of fire, recoil, and physics.
  • What is cl_interp? and What value should it be?
    Originally Posted by http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Net_graph#Optimizations
    Source Engine 2007 / Source Engine 2009 (TF2 - DoD S - CSS) + Left 4 Dead Engine + Left 4 Dead 2 Engine:

    cl_interp = cl_interp_ratio / cl_updaterate

    For example, if your client receives 66 update per second and the interp ratio is 2, you can set cl_interp to 0.03. This way your view interpolation lag is lowered from 100ms to 30ms. Here, cl_interp_ratio is acting as a "limiter" of the cl_interp value. It is not possible to turn off the view interpolation lag on the Orange Box Engine.
  • My Bindings Don't Work Anymore! My scripts are messed up!!
    Due to the new engine, there is a possibility, that whatever you bound the key to has been removed or replaced by another command. If you're getting the error "<key> is not a valid key", then the name of the key might have changed. Here is a link to scripting tutorial for TF2, it uses the same engine as CS:S, thus scripting for TF2 is similar to CS:S.

  • I can't find servers, after running CS:S I get this on the server browser; "Steam beta must be running to make use of find servers"
    Your steam client is out of date, you need to update your steam client. Click on Steam->Check for updates.
  • Server Too Busy, or Game currently not available.
    If you are getting Servers too busy, please be patient. This update is being rolled out to users worldwide, in addition to the many new users who will purchase the game with the sale today.
  • The crosshairs are not working like they used to they seem different than before, what's up with that?
    The developers has made the new crosshairs to expand and contract independently from the frame rate. Previously the rate at which the crosshairs moved, depended on how much FPS you had; the lower FPS, the slower it'll contract, the higher FPS the faster it'll contract to normal size.
    This does not mean the recoil was modified. It only means the visual representation of the recoil was modified only.

    You can revert to the way the crosshairs used to behave by using a client side cvar cl_legacy_crosshair. Where setting it to 0, means the new behavior, and 1 meaning old behavior. By default this setting is set to 0.
    Originally Posted by http://store.steampowered.com/news/4261
    Made crosshair scale independently of framerate, matching the old behavior at 100 fps. This does not affect actual recoil, fire rate, or spread – only the expansion of the crosshair. Added cl_legacy_crosshair, which defaults to the new behavior
  • New additions to server variables (other than mentioned above):
    ▪ Servers can turn off the grenade fire-in-the-hole radio spam with sv_ignoregrenaderadio 1
SRCDS/Listen Servers Update FAQ (June 23, 2010)
  • My friends can't connect to my listen server they keep on getting "LAN Games Restricted to Class C clients". Is there anything I can do?
    First you need to set your listen server to accept non LAN ip-addresses. This is done by setting sv_lan to 0. Then you need to execute a changelevel command to restart the server.
    sv_lan 0
    changelevel de_dust2
  • Will I loose all my settings?
    Unfortunately the update will install on a folder different than your current. There will be a folder called "orangebox". Inside you'll see the familiar folder structure and files for srcds server. So you might just need to copy all your configurations from the old folder to the new folder.
  • Can I still use my old plugins?
    No. you'll need to get an updated plugin from the developer of the plugin to get it to work on the orange box engine.
  • When I try to join a server I get this message: "INVALID STEAM KEY SIZE". What can I do?
    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do from your end. The server needs to be updated to the latest version.
  • I run a server, and lots of people seem confused about setting proper rates, is there a way I can force certain settings?
    Recently Valve/HPE have provided a set of commands that are enforceable to all clients without the need for plugins:
    Originally Posted by http://store.steampowered.com/news/4246/
  • Added a new server ConVar "sv_competitive_minspec" that enforces the following restrictions on clients when set to 1:
    - r_drawdetailprops 1
    - r_staticprop_lod (-1 to 3)
    - fps_max minimum 60 (or 0)
    - cl_detailfade minimum 400
    - cl_detaildist minimum 1200
    - cl_interp (0 to 0.031)
    - cl_interp_ratio (1 to 2)
  • I run a trikz server and after the last update my players can't flash/player boost or bunnyhop like before. Is this a bug?
    No it's not a bug. They used to be a bug that was taken advantage of, and as per request of the community, it has been disabled. However, it can be brought back. Valve and HPE understood the need for such features in community servers specially trikz servers. They added server cvars to re-enable flash/player boosting and bunnyhopping. All you need to do is add these to your server configuration file.

    sv_enableboost 1
    sv_enablebunnyhopping 1

    This cvars are defaulted to 0, so you'll need to add it to your config file with the value of 1.
  • The HE grenades are not doing the same damage as they used to, how can I fix this?
    Throughout the duration of the return of the beta, it was discovered by the community that grenade damage was not consistent, and it would inflict damage differently based on what weapon the thrower had equipped, only while the recipient of the damage was wearing armor. If the recipient was not wearing an armor then the damage was consistent. This led us to believe that the armor penetration damage done by the HE grenade is affected by the weapon the attacker had equipped at the time of detonation. This is actually a bug that's was fixed. Since i'm running out of room here, i'll link you to two threads that will detail the information.
    This thread discusses the discovery and the tests done by the community.
    This thread informs us of what was discovered by the developers and how the fix was implemented.

    This is not the end of it. The developers saw that some servers might prefer to keep the old behavior rather than the new one, so they introduced a new cvar that allows the server admins to do just so.

    Add the cvar sv_legacy_grenade_damage 1 to your server config file. (1: use old behavior, 0: use new behavior)
  • I use plugins on my listen server, after the update that disabled client side pugins I can't run them anymore. What can I do?
    Plugins were not made with listen servers in mind. They were made to work on dedicated servers. So either run your server using the dedicated server tool in steam, or download hldsupdatetool and install the server from there.

    or You can run the CS:S with launch option "-insecure"
  • I used to run my dedicated server using steam, now CS:S does not appear in the drop down list in the "Source Dedicate Server" tool. Where did it go?
    Since CS:S was updated to the OrangeBox-engine CS:S can be found at Steam=>Library=>Tools=>Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server

    Thanks to satoon101 for the stylized answer.

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Below I'll list Temporary fixes for common bugs that resulted from the update. All the fixes below have been presented by users like you and I, and are neither supported by Valve or Hidden Path Entertainment, nor are they official.

Some people have reported some of those fixes to work, while others have reported it not working. This means there is no guarantee that this will fix your bug or that the fix will not introduce other bugs.

Once the bugs have received an official fix from Valve/HPE, they will be stricken from the list.

If you have more info on anything listed below please reply to this post. Whether it be it worked for you, it didn't work, or if it introduced another bug. I'll try to be a clear as possible, so if there is something you don't know how to do then please reply to this thread.

I apologize if anything turns out to be out of context and gives the wrong impression about a bug and/or it's fix. Any errors please respond below and I'll update this list as soon as I can.

Thank you
Hisham Al-Beik

Unofficial Temporary Fixes for Common Bugs (Updated: June 25, 2010)
If you are a little confused about some of the bugs, here is a thread with videos regarding some old bugs and bugs resulted from the update.

Originally Posted by pengu1NZ
  • Bug Title: Text and Fonts missing..
    Bug Description: In some places like death notices and scoreboard the names of people are missing, and the numbers on the scoreboard is also missing.

    Bug Fix: Custom HUDs can introduce this problem as well, so whether you've installed custom HUDs follow these steps:

    -Navigate to "steam\steamapps\<yourusername>".
    -Rename "Counter-Strike Source" folder to something else (eg. css_backup).
    -In steam, right click CSS.
    -Click properties.
    -Click the Local Files tab.
    -Click on "Verify Integrity..." button.
    -Then Click Close.
    -Run CSS.
  • Bug Title: Using Flashlight Crashes CS:S Client.
    Link to Original Bug Desc. and Fix:: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15960198&postcount=264
  • Bug Title: Low Violence
    Link to Original Bug Desc. and Fix:: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15856949&postcount=246
  • Bug Title: Wrong ClanTag in scoreboard.
    Bug Description: Sometimes after joining a server, you'll be assigned a ClanTag of a group you're not a member of.
    Originally Posted by polka View Post
    If you join a server and you have a clan tag showing next to your name, but aren't part of that clan,
    you can remove it by typing cl_clanid 0 in the console.

    so to any server admin, there's no need to ask people to leave the server because of this bug,

    just tell them to type
    cl_clanid 0
    in console.

    works for me.
  • Bug Title: Clan tag not updating for members after group admin modifies group tag.
    Bug Description: Some people reported issues with tag propagation to current members of their groups once the tag has changed.
    Originally Posted by hisham.albeik View Post
    If you can try, maybe someone can leave the group then rejoin it (if possible). Let me know if that fixes that person's tag.
    Originally Posted by HnyBear View Post
    Yep changed my tag to none, left the game, dropped the group, rejoined the game to make sure the group was gone, exited the game, then rejoined the group and VIOLA! it worked.
  • Bug Title: Stuttering and lagging even though FPS and Ping are at acceptable values. (High FPS and Low Ping)
    Bug Description and Fix:
    Originally Posted by RaveMoyers View Post
    When I would start up a game (such as Counter-Strike Source or Heroes of Newerth) and connect to server, my fps and ping would be nominally OK, but the game would lag....In Counter Strike, this evidenced itself by glitchy nades that don't bounce smoothly, and whenever sounds are played, the ping spikes a bit. It's kind of like playing on a 33 tic server, for those of you familiar with the game. None of these issues occurred in single player games or in the aforementioned games with a local server. Symptoms included warping, skipping, and lagging while moving or viewing other players move.

    * Open regedit
    * Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile
    * There will be an entry for network performance throttling, default value is 10; set it to FFFFFFFF hex (willl look like 0xFFFFFFFF to the right of the entry)
    * Reboot
    Please consult these threads for more information:

    Thanks to naix1337 for bringing it to light.
    And to xDrJx for pointing out the original fix thread.
    And to RaveMoyers for the original fix thread.
  • Bug Title: Low FPS and LAG/High ping on Multi-Core machines.
    Bug Description:: Some systems experience low FPS and/or High ping/LAG when previously it was non-existent. Thanks to C4Chaos42 for the fixes
    Fix: (I'm putting these two together so I can credit the person reporting the fix by quoting his post.)
    Originally Posted by C4Chaos42 View Post
    FPS Booster for quadcores and maybe dualcores
    • Right click on CSS in the games library
    • Properties
    • Launch options
    • add this line -threads 4
    Also make sure multicore rendering is enabled ingame under video options -> Advanced -> Multicore rendering.

    You may increase the number up to 8 for quadcores but if you go any higher you will have a negative effect most likely.

    Dualcore machines can use 2-4 from what i've tested.

    By the way leave feedback if this helped you!
    also feel free to reference this thread!
    Originally Posted by C4Chaos42 View Post
    Played with my settings today on CSS and figured out why I was lagging and getting random lag spikes out of nowhere.

    My problem was I set the game's priority to high via the command line -high command. Every time I would open a the server list during gameplay I would loose reliability and stability to the current server I'm in and all the servers in the web browser.

    If you do not have the game set to high priority I recommend trying to limit the game's priority level to below normal and see what the results are.

    This helped me and might help you.

    - Note -
    The lag I am referring to is reliability in the connection between myself and the server(s) which includes the server list (pings started showing up as high) during certain events such as a lot of gunfire, lots of people close to my location and or opening the server browser.

    By the way leave feedback if this helped you!
    Also feel free to reference this thread!
  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by Synaxis View Post
    Bug Title: Getting lagspikes every few seconds where your ping would go go high as hell.

    Fix:: Look at the Serverbrowser and click on stop refresh in every category.
  • Bug Title: Can't Close Achievement Window
    Bug Description: At certain resolutions, the achievement window is so large that the X on the top right corner and the close button on the lower right corner are offscreen, and the window cannot be moved. Access to the main menu is concealed.
    Fix: Click anywhere inside the achievement window, and then press enter. That should clear out the window.
  • Bug Title: Flipped Player skins and Invisible Models Bug
    Bug Description: In certain instances when alt+tabbing out of the game then back in, some CT models are seen with T skins and vice versa. In other instances, the model is seen stationary on the map, while in reality the player is at another location. The player would be invisible at the actual location and can kill unsuspecting enemies.
    Fix: - In console type "record fix".
    - Return to game.
    - Return to console and type "stop".
  • Bug Title: HL2.exe crash
    Bug Description: The game CS:S crashes to desktop with the error message "HL2 has stopped working" or "Memory cannot be read.
    Fix: This is an iffy issue. The following fix was reported by a few that it worked. I can't stress enough how iffy this issue is, as many factors are involved here.
    -Fix 1: Try verifying local game cache.
    you do this by right clicking CounterStrike: Source in steam, then go to Properties. Click on the Local Files Tab, then click the "Verify Local Game Cache" button.

    -Fix 2: Deleting Bin Folder. There are two bin folders inside your steamapps/username/counterstrike source folder. One is in the "root" of the game folder (the folder mention a second ago) and there is one inside cstrike folder.
    Delete one bin folder, then start the game. The files will be replaced. If it didn't work, try the other folder.
  • Bug Title: Can't find friend's listen server.
    Bug Description: Seems like the master server list doesn't get updated when a listen server is started, even with sv_lan 0 is used.
    Fix: The only current way to connect to those servers is by using the console and using the connect <ip> command. This bug has been reported.
  • Bug Title: I get a low number of servers in the server browser. or I keep on getting "Can't connect after 4 tries" while trying to connect to a server and I can't connect to any server.
    Bug Description: This is not much of a bug as it is the inability of a router to handle the connections CSS require to operate.
    Fix: To test if this is actually the issue you are having, first attempt to bypass the router by connecting your computer directly to the modem. If this resolves the issue, then you have two options:
    1) Find in the router's manufacturer's website a firmware update for your router.

    2) If there is no update for your router, then your only other option is to purchase a better router.

    If the issue is not related to your router, then make sure you have opened ports in your firewall or that no A/V program is interfering with Counter-Strike Source.

    Last resort, would be to troubleshoot CSS as described in this link:
  • Bug Title: Kill/End of Round Stutter
    Comment and Link to Original Fix: The developers removed the code that was responsible for the stutters. If you're still experiencing this issue, then the original fix would not have helped in any way. But here is a link to the original bug fix in case you would like to try. http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...&postcount=315
    Originally Posted by http://store.steampowered.com/news/4261/
    - Removed fun fact from achievements summary screen and associated playerblotter functionality
  • Bug Title: Crosshair is missing. Weapons/Models have weird decals or they show in wireframe.
    Bug Description: You can't seem to find your crosshair, you've changed settings in options, but still it won't come back. Your weapons/models don't have their usual look, but rather you see a wireframe or some artifact (black boxes) when you fire your weapon.
    Fix 1: Type "cl_crosshair 1" in console. (Only for crosshair bug)

    Fix 2: If the first method didn't work, then the only commonality I've seen people report; is that they have previously (prior to the update) have installed a custom crosshair/skin. As far as I can tell you, removing the files associated with it has restored their mods to original models and skins. Now I don't know much about custom skinning, and modeling. But you might need to rebuild/redo them. Or simply re-install them. Also, I'm aware that there is a script file used for the models/skins, for the new engine the specs and format might have changed so you can't use it. The only method I can think of that can help you, is to use a tutorial/guide on installing/creating models and skins for games with similar engines (eg. TF2, DOD:S).
  • Bug Title: The Pure Bug
    My custom skins/models worked fine even after the update, but when I changed server the models and skins get messed up.
    Bug Description: If your custom skins are not showing, Some Vanilla weapons in the wrong hand (most common AK47), and the custom sound is skipping, high pitch, speeded up, or just plain noise.
    All this can be caused by playing on a sv_pure 1 server and can possibly persist even in sv_pure 0 or sv_pure 2 servers.
    Originally Posted by DaMirt View Post
    Exit the game and go straight to your Counter Strike: source folder inside your steamapps folder.
    Locate the folder materials and inside should be a folder named temp (usually C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOUR ACCOUNT NAME\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\temp)
    Delete everything inside the temp folder. (This only fixes the custom skin problem)
    Now start up the Game and enter snd_rebuildaudiocache into the console window and hit enter.. they game will pop up with a progress meter.
  • Bug Title: Main menu stuck at Loading.
    Bug Description: "The main menu takes FOREVER(well over 2 minutes) to load now, all I see is the background of green cts and the 'Loading.... in the corner."
    Fix: Delete gamestate.txt file found in steamapps\<username>\counter-strike source\cstrike. If it returns and the bug happens again, empty the file using a text editor, save it and change permissions on the file to read-only.

  • Bug Title: Missing Textures in custom maps.
    Bug Description: As of now most (if not all) missing textures have been replaced by Valve/HPE so they should be working again. If you have a map that used a Valve provided texture and is no longer there, please contact Valve/HPE or open up a thread about the issue.
    Original Information can be found here:
  • Bug Title: Server browser shows no servers.
    Bug Description: The server browser shows no servers.
    Fix:Turn off "Simplified List" on the bottom left of the server browser. It's been known to have problems. Credit: Rdemption
Originally Posted by Undead View Post
My resolution doesn't save when I change it!
  • Work-around: Set in your Launch Options the following: "-w <width>"
    "May require restart of Steam to work"

Thank you everyone for you co-operation, support and patience.

Hisham Al-Beik

P.S. If you believe you should be credited, then please PM me. Most of these I did them from memory. I didn't mean to steal it.

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Very helpful
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Thanks, thats a nice faq. Didnt know there was a clientside option to disable the killcam/etc. Doing that as soon as I start up the game.
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Very nice
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i have CSS (normal) and CSS BETA, CSS BETA Is updating, i need to update also CSS or i play with CSS Beta? thx in advanced
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I have a question. Will the beta automatically remove itself or do I need to delete the folder?
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are you saying that I can no longer play zm maps? If so then that sucks.
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Hum, taking a while to download. Maybe because it is very busy at the moment?
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Originally Posted by Rebel4ever View Post
are you saying that I can no longer play zm maps? If so then that sucks.
I think you can still play on them, the people running the server just have to convert everything to the new engine.
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Originally Posted by cele View Post
i have CSS (normal) and CSS BETA, CSS BETA Is updating, i need to update also CSS or i play with CSS Beta? thx in advanced
I restarted Steam and now my beta is gone. CSS is taking forever to update but its worth the wait.
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Is the hit detection actually better now? I stopped playing CS:S do to how infuriating it was.
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: (((((((((((((((((((((((
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Nice FAQ, but you forgot:

- Where do I complain for the sake of complaining?
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Originally Posted by Pixiess View Post
Is the hit detection actually better now? I stopped playing CS:S do to how infuriating it was.
Hit reg is fantastic. You aim at head you hit head, not like before with AK when I would aim at the feet and get HS. MY core i7 loves the update
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