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cl_interp = lerp in net_Graph 1-5

if you guys are wondering what lerp is

its interp in css commands in console

so here I will explain some very basic commands that may help you register better.

so I tried from the lowest setting which is 10 ms upto 500 which is max

so for example if you set it to the lowest which is 0.1 = 10 ms
you may either get a red or orange. Which I assume that means that its not working properly

now if you set it to .02 it may also stay orange which flashes oranges or may stay constant. I which I personally think is also still lower.

now I got up to 40-50 ish MS but the hit registry on my network/setup PC rig didnt really work out

so I had to fine tune it to 0.034 which I think is 34 ms which is roughly the same ping in game. So I guess if you where on a higher ping in game, you may have to adjust the interp / Lerp higher to match the ingame ping, so when you start to shoot, it may actually register properly.

I think interp 2 will give you max 500 or even 1 cant really remember. So I suggest you start from the bottom up and till you think you feel its registering good.

hope this helps some of you.
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The Source netgraph now includes "lerp" indicator which shows the actual interpolation amount (usually 100 msec unless the server or user is forcing non-default settings). The indicator will turn yellow if the server's framerate (actual framerate on the remote machine) drops below this interval. This can be used to figure out why all of the objects in the world are no longer moving smoothly. In addition, the indicator will turn orange if the user or server has tuned the ConVars such that the interpolation amount is less than 2 / updaterate. This indicates that if there is any packet loss (or possibly choke if the choke is occurring for long periods of time due to large packets being sent over a low bandwidth rate setting) that the player will likely see sluggishness in the game.
From here..
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