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Lightbulb ideas for weapons & upgrades for AB ep 2

one of the most important parts of a game like this, is surely the weapons (my favourite is the shotgun, but then it has been since doom came out) and possible upgrades and how they can be used.
and i've been reading some of the posts here and thinking about it myself and i have a few suggestions, as i'm hoping everyone else does.

one or two more wouldn't hurt. some mid range weapons maybe or scatter effect weapons like the shotgun, another powerful weapon like the ion spike too.
i'm not complaining about the current choice mind, they are all different and balance the game well, the aliens aren't too easy to kill unless you're playing rookie and surely that's the idea.

but really i've been thinking about the upgrades. again maybe some more, perhaps specific to a weapon like a grenade launcher for the assault rifle and a bigger clip size for the shotgun for example.
and also how about allowing two upgrades to be enabled at a time instead of one, then you can mix n' match and get more use out of them.
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Yeah, if we stay with the weapon upgrade system, I'd like to see more variety in upgrades as well. Personally, I really like all weapons themselves in the game and the way they're balanced. At the moment i can't remember any other game where i enjoy using every weapon - in AB:I i do.

However, the thing I'd like the most is to change the logic behind the whole thing quite a bit - no more weapon picking in-level, but only weapon buying. Like in original AB games. And an amount of credits that doesn't allow you to buy all the weapons in the same playthrough, or allows it but you have to play brilliantly and not spend any money on healthpacks, grenades and such (at least on higher difficulties).

That planning of what to do with credits in long-term and a consequence of not being up to the task further in the game if you don't buy a new/better weapon was a big part of gameplay which i liked very much.

Maybe a middle-road would be possible as well - some weapons you pick up, some you can only buy. But i don't know, T17 are game designers and know better than me, I'm just saying what I think would add to the gameplay.

I do realize the main game-design difficulty here is that the game's desired difficulty levels have to be based around the choices with weapons that the designers make.

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