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Multi Player on the Same Steam Account?


I'm interested in picking this game up now that it is on sale, but I have a question regarding how multi player works.

Both my wife and myself are fans of tower defense games. This game seems very interesting as we would get to play together or against each other. I currently have the steam account and she uses it when ever playing (i.e. currently Defense Grid). Is it possible to both be logged in on my account on our two computers and have two instances of Sol Survivor running (if we purchased the multi-pack of 4 licenses) so that we could play against each other? Or does she have to get her own account to do this since Steam will throw a fit having two identical steam log-ins running at the same time on two separate computers?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I have very little experience with multiplayer games within Steam. We have in the past taken turns playing so this is all new to me.

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I have a suspicion that she should be getting her own account after reading the steam user account rules. It specifies that I should be the only one using my account...

Does this mean that I'd have to purchase a game twice in order for my wife to play it? This seems to be what Sol Survivor is aiming at with their 4 license pack deal... I can't say this is very family friendly as it would become very expensive to purchase multiple copies of everything just so the wife/kids could play. Is this what everyone is doing? This question is obviously going outside the scope of this forum posting...
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Yes, you should use a separate accounts for your wife/kids if you want to play together. You can "gift" the other three licenses in a 4-pack to those other accounts for no extra costs (in fact, that's the whole point of the 4-pack). It's one license per user, not necessarily one license per player (which is one of the major points of multiple profiles). You just can't play at the same time.

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