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Experiencing Stuttering? POSSIBLE FIX

i found a thread in the normal counter-strike: source forums, and i tried this out. whereas before i was stuttering once every couple minutes for about a couple minutes (having fps go from ~70 to 15 and back again repeatedly), which made the game unplayable.

after changing my autoexec.cfg, i have played for a couple hours and haven't experienced this stutter AT ALL. probably won't work for everybody, but it worked for me.

i also set my rate to 100000 instead of 25000 and set my fps_max to 80.

Originally Posted by epics View Post
you can edit your AUTOEXEC.CFG in your user/cstrike/cfg folder with this to set the correct rates as the new counterstrike is 66 tic.

Thanks to...
to put it simply, for people who don't have an autoexec.cfg file already, just open up a text program and copy+paste the code below as it is into the text program. then save the file as autoexec.cfg. if it messes up your game somehow, you can just delete the file and it will go back to how it was before.

like i said, i haven't experienced any stutter at all since using this, and am getting very playable smooth framerates, usually about 60 fps, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always constant.

the autoexec.cfg file must be placed in:

users/your username/library/application support/steam/steamapps/your steam account name/counter-strike source/cstrike/cfg

//_Set Netcode vars_
cl_cmdrate "66"
cl_interp "0.033" //try "0.0151515" if that is laggy for you.
cl_interp_ratio "1" 
cl_updaterate "66"
rate "25000" // you can try higher, I have mine set to 100000 (probably unnecessary but alwell it is smooth. )
fps_max "60"
i did not come up with this fix myself, much thanks to the people who figured this out. if you try this out and have positive/negative results, please post them here, as well as your specs.

macbook pro september 2008
2.4 ghz core 2 duo
2 gb ram
geforce 8600m gt
OS X 10.5.8

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