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So this game won't launch at all

I got this the other day in a pack and at first it would launch, I picked a resolution and tried to start a game and the I got a CTD. Then I changed the compatibility setting to XP SP3 (I'm running Win 7 64 bit) and it tried to launch a demo of something called "R.I.P. 3" instead of Vigil. So I reset the compatibility, deleted local content and re-downloaded.

NOW, whenever I try to launch it, my screen goes black and I just get a red cursor. I'm kind of stumped here.

Oh, and the Support link on the game's page in my Library doesn't seem to lead anywhere. So yeah...
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I'm exactly in the same situation, except because even after reinstalling it, Steam keeps trying to launch RIP 3 Demo instead of Vigil.

Edit: Verifying integrity of game cache, reinstalling the game and rebooting Steam didn't help, but just playing other games and forgetting about it solved the problem eventually, I don't know how.

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