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Have the "out of sync" errors been resolved?

A friend of mine and I love to play this game. We got the steam version in hopes that the out of sync errors would no longer occur after a while of gameplay. So I was wondering if anyone was experiencing anything like that, or have they been resolved?
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I would like to know about this too. I want to play this multiplayer, and this would be my main reason for buying two copies. But the impression I get is that multiplayer is basically broken because of these syncing errors.

My impression could be wrong. I hope so! Anyone have any more info?
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Playing the addon 1-2 years ago I never encountered this issue I think, don't know if it was only in the basic game.
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NOPE. The steam version also has the bug. I just ordered two copies for myself and my friend we try d lan & internet . but Still There it is Out of sync at the moment when a game loaded. We can't play a second whit the game in multi-player. So thats it.

The game engine or i don't know what is not good for multi player. The whole series of guild II has this bug. Maybe the next Addon will be okay. or Guild 3 . I hope those games will be on another engine.
And i doubt jowood will make a patch just for us on the steam version.

We used Windows 7 64bit one pro and one ultimate. Pro is legal ultimate is trial The video problems are realy there. No intro just black screen and u can hear sound of jowood logo . Just tap space or click mouse and u will be in the main menu.
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There was a 1.40 patch that claimed to fix the problem; it didn't.

How can this game be so popular but yet still have these stupid issues. We tried this years ago, had great connection 100mbps hubs, used the fasted 3.2ghz system as the server, and after a half hour it would get out of sync.

We just got the 2.20 patch and applied that; and it has the issue even worse - they added a option so when you select the city hall you can just click 'buy new title' and it immediately goes out of sync.
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you'd think after 2 years they would have fixed this, I would demand a refund if i thought i could get it....
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The out of sync problem is really very hard to fix. First you need to know that there are many different reasons for that. Those which were 100% reproducible are fixed with the most recent patch. But we are working on a general workaround for that.
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Originally Posted by Megalomaniac View Post
The out of sync problem is really very hard to fix. First you need to know that there are many different reasons for that. Those which were 100% reproducible are fixed with the most recent patch. But we are working on a general workaround for that.
For over 3 years now? Seriously, this bug exist since the guild 2 has been released! I doubt you'll find a solution especially if you haven't found a solution after 3 years. It's ridiculous. You just put us off. If not then please explain why should we believe you that there will be a fix for it out soon even though you weren't be able to do that in the past?

Furthermore I would like to have an answer why the German Steam version of the Guild 2 - Pirates of the European Seas does not have any German voice acting. It wasn't and it's still not mentioned in the store and I know that the retail has correct voice acting. It works fine in the Guild 2 but not for the addon.

I'm refer to my post: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1334277

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well according to the people working on the "Fan Made" Add-on
Regarding out of sync messages: This issue is not fixable, which has nothing to do with the game itself. The problem is that The Guild 2 doesn't run over dedicated servers, so there's no host deciding what's true and what's false if two peers don't "agree" with each other.
It's like two children quarreling without a parent saying who's wrong^^
So if the guild 2 were to get some dedicated servers for the multiplayer part i doubt youll be getting Out of Sync errors, and i would also suggest to download and install the Guild 2 Pirates 2.21 patch as you can easily counter act the OoS errors by saving and giving it to the people that you were playing. You can also read my post about it Here

PS. thank you jowood for this great game =D

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This is obserd....

I don't think your sources are credible...for one command & conquer zero hour had this same problem, mainly due to map files and number of AI players, the more players the worse the out of sync. Anyway's for u to say that a feature designed into the game engine isn't fixable haha, thats funny...it has to due either with network code in the engine itself or like i said map files aren't syncing properly...I am currently attempting to gather all information I can and send it to support@runeforge-games.com. They are very quick to respond. The problem is not enough people care to help them with the problem. Thats the only explanation as to why no results in such a long period of time. I have faith they'll fix it, but only with the proper help from people testing it. The Internet button will be removed from the next patch, only LAN will be playable due to JoWoods lack of commitment on the dedicated servers. Runeforge itself has not abandoned this, I can assure you...
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