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Initializing renderer failed

When trying to launch Civilization IV, it will pop up 2 civ IV windows which flicker my whole screen white and black, upon getting to the "initializing engine" bit of the loader screen. It then crashes, giving this error:

"Initialize Renderer failed. Check DirectX intallation, Latest Graphics

Drivers and Graphics Settings
-width =1920
-height =1080
-flags =0xc
-hwnd =0x1f04ae

After a lot of googling, it turns out this has been a problem since 2005. Five years.

A patch was released, "Patch 1.52," one for CD users, the other for Digital Distribution. Trying to install either patch results in "The setup has detected that no version of Sid Meier's Civilization 4 is installed."

I can edit the .ini to force windowed mode, which allows the game to work. Fullscreen will not work, however. I tried to patch ingame, but it said no patches were available.

I've exhausted my google-fu and technical abilities, I've been at this for like 2 hours, ffs I just want to play some CIV IV at fullscreen, please help.

Windows vista home premium 32bit
Service pack 2
Intel core2duo p7350 @ 2.00GHZ
RAM 4gig
ATI mobility radeon HD 4670

NOTE: I have been able to play the game on three separate occasions, and then out of nowhere today this error started happening. I have not changed *any* settings, the only thing that has happened in regards to the game is that I played it on my other laptop earlier this morning.

EDIT: Installing new video drivers has not worked.

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I had the same problem with my gf's PC - 1920 x 1080 would not run. Edited the civilizationIV.ini file found in my documents\my games\... to set at a lower resolution, eg 1680 x 1050, and it works fine now. Fullscreen of course.

I don't know why it stopped working all of the sudden, but that fixed it for now.
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same issue

I have the exact same issue but none of the technical skills of the two posters above.
Would someone mind giving me a step-by-step way of fixing this issue? I really want to play this game!
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Basically, go to "My Documents\My games\sid meier's civilization iv\civilizationIV.ini"

Expansions like Beyond the Sword and such will have their own directories & ini file.

Once you open that file, scroll down until you come across a section called DEBUG.

Under that will be 'Custon Screen Height' and 'Custon Screen width'

Set these values from '0' to one you know works before (or use the example shown in the ini, eg 1024 x 768) this will force the game to run in that resolution. Then in-game, set the display resolution you want. In my case, 1680 x 1050 worked a treat.

That should sort that out
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Ya form what I read its a known bug from 2005 that it wont work on higher res settings
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