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DF 2: Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith ULTIMATE FIX THREAD

For anyone not sure as to why their game crashes a lot, or why the graphics might appear as they are dragging colors across the screen, or are rainbow-colored, read this!

This is copy-pasted from a year-old thread I made on Gametrailers.com. Some of this (like being able to run the game through Steam instead of a desktop shortcut) might be fixed now!

EDIT: Steps 1, 2, and 3 can be skipped now! Simply right click your game in the Steam Games list, click properties, then click "set launch options." In there, you put -windowgui and -displayconfig with a space separating the two!

Alright. There is a specific fix for this. It's not a very well-known fix, and I only know it because I'm a total Star Wars nerd, and I needed this game to work :P

1.First off, go to your hard drive where you installed steam to. Go inside, look in your steamapps/common/dark forces or whatever. Basically, find the dark forces exe. NOT the one that brings up the "Launcher" but the actual shortcut, that just runs the game. Right click, then "Send to desktop as shortcut." As far as I know, there is no way to run the game directly from your Steam window, you have to run it via a shortcut.

2. Right click your new Dark Forces 2 Shortcut and go to PROPERTIES. On the "Shortcut" tab look down at the "Target" line. It should say something like C://ProgramFilesblabhlabhlabh/steamapps/common/jedi knight/etc etc etc. AFTER THE QUOTATION MARKS put a space, then: -windowgui
Make sure it is space, then dash windowgui.

3. AFTER the -windowgui, put another space and put -displayconfig.
Again, make sure there is a space after -windowgui, and then put -displayconfig.
This same method can be used to fix Mysteries of the Sith (The expansion pack), so here is an example of mine:
"J:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\jedi knight mysteries of the sith\JKM.EXE" -windowgui -displayconfig

4. Now you're ready to launch. Click OK, then double click the shortcut. It will go ingame, probably in a small window. Go ingame, go to setup on the bottom right, in setup, click Display, you should see "Advanced Options" or "Advanced something" at the bottom. Click it. Don't touch ANYTHING except what's on the left. You want to set the game to render using "RenderBot" or "RenderDroid", which is under the top selection under display "SW: Non-3D] DIBsection windowed display." Click OK, then choose a resolution.
Don't try to fill the entire screen. I'm sorry, if you're using a widescreen monitor, you still have to play in a square window. I have a 1680x1050 monitor and i run the game at 1280x1024, and i just auto-hide the taskbar so I can see my health and ammo HUD.

DO NOT CHECK ENABLE 3D ACCELERATION. If it's checked, un-check it. Also, Drag "View Size" to one little click under the max. If it's all the way to the right you wont be able to see your HUD. Lastly, and you might have to do this every time you launch the game, I know I do, UN CHECK "Backbuffer in System Memory."

You're set! Play the game in a window. It should look and run just fine. The only thing you'll have to do from here on out is make sure that "Backbuffer in system memory" is un-checked or else you'll get weird colors and artifacts that drag across the screen during gameplay.

I don't know why the problems exist, but on newer video cards you have to run the game off of that "RenderBot" or "RenderDroid"

Please let me know if that fixes it. It has done it for me, and for everyone else using a modern OS and modern Video Card. If not, I might have made a little error in my directions, although I'm pretty sure I've got it all right.

I'll check back from time to time to see if you've got it running.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with video cards, because when you try to run the game using the "[SW:3D] Primary Display Driver" (aka your GPU) it either A. Crashes, or B. Drags weird lines of colors and textures across the screen when you look around.

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Oh thank you so much for this, rep for you.

The only problem I have now is that the colors look terrible and my screen gets super big. Changing the resolution does not seem to work.

Here is what I mean: http://i29.tinypic.com/2aqbtz.jpg

I am using all the Hi-REs stuff, I'm going to try and reinstall with all the non-high res stuff.

Reinstalled with low-res, didn't work. In-Game: http://i29.tinypic.com/5frog2.jpg

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Thanks mate, I decided to try out the game and was getting the color problems and crashes. Works great after doing what you wrote. Thank you for sharing.
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that wouldnt work for me but i did get it to work by turning off 3d acelleration back buffer and changing the desplay device under advanced to dbi section windowed display of corse the only problem with that is that its windowd and at first was very very small but i put up the resolution and now its playable
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To fix the colours.
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Originally Posted by Marsbergen View Post
Sweet. Thanks for posting this. I wasn't sure how to fix that problem he had :S

Anyway, glad this helped some of you!
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anyone who actaully wants to play jedi knight seriously and use the real patch. join irc.gamesurge.net #jediknight
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fyi, I am running this on my new eee pc (1015pem n550 gma 3150) with HAL/direct 3d as the renderer and the only way I could get the game to work was to use the "use 3D accelleration" setting... it plays awesome on my little netbook also. too fun!
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The 3d Acceleration fix works great, but I've still got the flickering window border. Is there anything that can be done about that?
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I just installed my original game... Works great! ;-)
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Originally Posted by Wookiee View Post
The 3d Acceleration fix works great, but I've still got the flickering window border. Is there anything that can be done about that?
Close or minimize every other program or window you have open. Also, anything that causes a popup, like a messenger program or other alert will cause the window border to start to flicker when you get a message or alert.
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Closing other apps

This worked for me - Norton Antivirus decided to do a scan and one of those annoying windows that slide in above the systray clock caused some flickering...turned that off and closed my email and browser apps and was playing fine.
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Just wanted the throw out that you should at least try hardware acceleration. It works fine here (nVidia card; latest drivers) without any third party fix.
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Dev Null
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Still working; thanks!
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I tried these fixes and also compatibility mode but I get can't load level
how to fix this?
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