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Solution for NTW crashing at startup

Message from war4all 07/01/10 10:27:12:

[Solution] Sega sent me steps to fix my napoleon crashing at startup (copyright screen).

Sega has sent me a few step to fix the problem I was having. Couldn't get past the copyright screen but now I can. I will paste what was sent to me. I was using the steam version napoleon and it works fine now. Hopefully this will help a few others.


In reviewing this issue I'm going to suggest you attempt a general system and driver software update, a manual uninstall and a desktop reinstall. Here are detailed steps on how to perform these tasks:

-First please make sure your drivers are up to date. For more information on doing this please visit the Knowledgebase article below.

What are drivers? How do I update them?:

-You should also make sure you have the most recent .Net framework and other Windows updates:

-Next go to the "My Games" tab in Steam. Right-click on Napoleon and select delete local content. After doing this use a registry cleaner like the one at www.ccleaner.com , you could also consider using the Disc Cleanup utility to make sure that anything related to the game has been removed. Be careful to only delete files, folders and registry key's related to the game, as deleting system files and keys can lead to system wide instability. If you aren't feeling comfortable then create a system restore point and use it if you feel you might have deleted something you should not have.

Make sure you have enabled "View Hidden Files" and then delete your script folder. Script folders can be found here:
Vista: C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Napoleon
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Napoleon

Also make sure to delete the Napoleon folder in Program Files\Steam. It can be found here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\napoleon total war

-Now disable your anti-virus programs through the configuration window using the following steps:
1. Under the start menu select ‘Run’
2. Type “msconifg”
3. Select the ‘Services’ tab
4. Uncheck anything related to your system protection/anti-virus
5. Select the ‘Startup’ tab
6. Uncheck anything related to your system protection/anti-virus

-Then restart your computer and re-download the game from Steam, or if you are going to install from the disk restart your computer and attempt a desktop reinstall of the game. Be aware that this will require a little over twice the free hard drive space as a standard install, though you can delete the excess when the process is finished. To do this, start by copying the contents of the discs to an empty folder on your desktop. When copying the secondary discs, if asked if you want to replace the existing files with the new ones, select yes. Then open the folder and manually activate the install, for most games this is done by running the “setup.exe”, “install.exe” or similarly named exe file.

-After the install is complete you can delete the folder with the disc contents and download the latest patch by logging into Steam. You can then reactive your antivirus by rechecking them in the config window and restarting your computer.

Please note that following the steps above will delete your saved game files and any mods you may have installed.

Please let me know if this works for you, and/or if you’re still having any problems.

SEGA Customer Support
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Additional fix

Hi again, I went on after a few hours to play the game after "fixing" it and guess what - it froze on the startup screen again.

I installed .NET Framework 4.0 and hooray, it all works again !

Apparently .NET Framework 4.0 is useful for highly graphic-intensive games.
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Of course it is, i dont know how to explain it but its a really important part of making newer games with 4.0.
If you look at older games, they have stuff like .NET Framework 2.1.
Its all complicated Mircosoft C++ i believe?
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Quad core observation

Not sure if this is a key cause/symptom of the problem, but I noticed that every time I loaded this game the first of my 4 PC cores is always running at 100% capacity and this doesn't change!
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