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Twin Sector Demo has no video

I upgraded my laptop's MXM video card from a Geforce 7600M 128MB to a Geforce 9650M GT 1GB. Now the demo has no video. The button displays in the taskbar and the sound plays but there is no video. The screen flashes all white for a second when it starts and the mouse pointer snaps to the upper left corner of the screen. I have the latest nVidia drivers loaded (257.21) and DirectX 9. All my other games work flawlessly. What could be wrong? I don't know how to get a log from the game, if that will help, someone needs to tell me how to do it. I'd like to play the demo and possibly buy it. It was running fine with my old card, but I'm not going back.

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Please contact us by email:

You will get a pre-release exe which should have fixed this issue.
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I sent the email, but in the mean time I actually fixed it. I just deleted the TwinSector directory in my home directory and restarted the game. Works great now.
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