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Old 07-12-2010, 08:14 AM   #1
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Steam Friends list keeps going online/offline

I just went on today and steam freinds list keeps going offline and online all the time and it's really annoying. How do I fix this?
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Old 07-12-2010, 08:23 AM   #2
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they're doing some updates or... idk lol
Old 07-12-2010, 08:39 AM   #3
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Yeah once I logged into steam it says my list was offline too and then it went from online to offline also even though when connected to internet the whole time too
Old 07-12-2010, 08:47 AM   #4
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What's so hard to announce that in a short news. Or make a status page?
And why do they always have to do these things in "prime time"?
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Old 07-12-2010, 09:09 AM   #5
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yeah mine keeps popping in and out as well, can we have a ny official word from steam moderators on this?
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Same here, and when it does go offline, double clicking on a friend brings up his community page instead of the chat window.
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Old 07-12-2010, 09:24 AM   #7
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Same problem here!
AND!!! my friends say i'm online! Even if i close Steam!
Only if i restart the PC i'll be shown offline.
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Apart from not being online in the Steam Community, Steam Cloud doesn't work for me as well..

Anyone else having this problem?
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Old 07-12-2010, 09:27 AM   #9
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Go here.
Old 07-12-2010, 09:28 AM   #10
Sierra Oscar
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There is an ongoing issue, refer to this thread. Cheers!
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