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Assassins Creed 2 Duplicate CD key

Angry Duplicate CD Key
I got AC2 as a gift from my friend...I activated it on my account, downloaded the game, but when i tried to enter the cd key in the game launcher it gave me an error of duplicate cd key..And that was the first time i was playing that game from that account...
I wrote to steam support about that and they replied that write this ticket number by hand on ur cd key and send us a scanned image of that...Either i am stupid that i dont have a box on which cd key is written or either they are stupid who dont know that when u buy a game from steam there is no game box and the cd key is saved to that particular account on which the game is activated...
And after that no reply for 2 days..
what should i do now...?

PS:Steam support is the worst i have ever seen...
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Silicon Vampire
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This was a Steam purchase, gifted to you?

Verify your game cache files.

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Yes this steam purchase was gifted to me...
After making this thread i got a reply by steam support and as u said they asked me to verify game catch files....
I did the same and voila i got a new key...its working fine now...
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