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Angry Stuck in Chrome/ steal shuttle.zerox suit

[B][I][COLOR="DarkRed"]Pls help, how do I access the Base,I've shut down two of the three AA guns and hacked the computer to open the gate,then head shot the guard looking at the other putor screen but the gate doesn't open and "My girl" tells me I've been detected from inside the bases. What am I missing???
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Im not sure, but I could only move on from the gate, by sneaking invisible, and not killing anybody.
I think killing anyone from that point makes the alarm go off, and fail the mission.
Later, when I got into the walker vehicle, I could mow down everybody though...
But nevermind, even if You complete the mission, be prepared, for the next mission, it is even more annoying, you can't kill anybody and have to sneak around like an idiot, with a useless cloaking device.
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Thanks mate,I apprcte the help, how do you use that "cloaking" device??as I can't find any reference to using it anywhere.
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Well, if you have it, (its an orb like thing in the inventory) you can select it by pressing the next/previous item key (check your controls) once selected, press the use item key. If you did it right, a percentage counter sohuld indicate, that it is active and depleting.
Good luck with the mission!
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Keaton Kitsune
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The controls for the second gate? He waits directly in front of the door right? I just turned slo-mode on with adrenaline and knifed him before he shot me. Though your probably passed the part now anyways.
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In order to open the gate without getting detected, you must kill the guard in the building using a knife while cloaked. If you didn't bring a knife along with you, then you have 2 choices

1)restart the level and bring a knife and some cloaking devices with you (because you won't find a knife anywhere in the level).
2)Do what most of us had to do - and use a cheat code to get a knife.
If you decide that you don't want to replay the whole mission, then what you need to do is:
press the ~ button during gameplay (that opens up the cheat menu)
type in: Cheat.GiveKnife() and hit enter. (Don't forget to put the () at the end). Hit ~ again to close the cheat mode.
At this point a knife will either be added to your inventory, or it will fall to the ground if you don't have enough space.

If you don't have a cloaking device you can find a couple on the body of the first guy you killed when you started the mission, or on the guards who wear suits in the generator rooms. Or you can also use a cheat code to get one:

When you have both, use your , or . key to switch to the cloaking device, active it, walk slowly (in a crouch) to the guard, and stab him with the knife. He doesn't have time to sound an alarm

Later in this chapter, you will have to repeat this process with 2 guards to keep them from sounding the alarm.
You can finally stop all the sneaking around, and freely open fire once you disactivate the radios (so they can't call for backup).

I really don't like this level (or the next) because the sneaking around is just not that well done. Too often guards will still see you even though you are cloaked. But stick with it, and soon you will be passed these levels, and once again freely firing away, making all the noise you want.
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