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Question Stronghold Steam configurations

I bought the stronghold collection a couple of weeks ago, and I am thoroughly enjoying the 4 games that come with it.

Stronghold and crusader work just as I expect, along with the rest but I have a question regarding stronghold 2 and legends for all those steam users.

When you open the game, there is a video configuration prompt that allows you to set the video settings of the game, I was able to utilize it but I accidentally clicked the check mark in the box where it tells you if you want the prompt to pop up whenever you launch the game. I wanted to re-adjust the brightness and some other settings for video performance but now that i disabled the prompt it won't pop up.

Now before you say it can be accessed through some file, know that I bought this on steam and the option to go to firefly>Stronghold>config is not available or at least I can't find it. I was wondering if it was somewhere in the steam folders, or is it impossible to ever change it back to the way it was since the game is launched from steam...

So does anyone know how to access the video configuration or to reactivate it? (remember this is from steam, and not bought from retailers so I don't own a hard-copy)

If anyone can figure this out I'll gladly appreciate it
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On the non-digital download versions the configuration tool is launched by having a special chortcut to the games exe, where a space followed by -config has been added to the end of the path in the Path field, maybe the same works on the Steam version.

So, I would suggest you try in the Steam User Interface, on the Games --> View Games Library pane, right click the games, select Properties and on the Default pane click the Set Launch Options button. In the field type in "-config" (without the quotes).

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Thank you PCDania,

Been trying to figure out how to change my graphics for this game. Bloom utterly ruins this game.
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