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Xbox 360 controller

I see a few comments made by supposedly the devs of the game. (supposedly because they usually have a green name. :P but I can accept that they not all have it.)

These comments are a few weeks old, and state they would try to fix the xbox 360 controller glitching up a lot. I do not like the keyboard controlls, and overall to have a shmup title I think its essential to ahve good gamepad support. I hope the dev's havent forgotten about this, it seems like a fun game. But the keyboard is a little bit too clunky for these kind of games. (For me anyway, because im not that good at these type of games yet. XD)

Is there any news about this? or has the support died off?

FML, did I say a few weeks old? I meant a few YEARS old. Guess they never got the controller to test it out on this game and gave up on it. Not gonna bother playing this with the keyboard. Too bad steam doesnt do refunds. -_-

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