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Game won't launch

Razor2.exe has stopped responding. Yes I see there is a thread about it already. It doesn't offer any help.

I have tried changing the resolution. It doesn't even offer 1600x900 but I used 1280 by 720. Didn't work.

I tried re-installing and verifying the cache. Nothing.

Restarting my computer, and waiting a week or so to see if it magically fixed itself. No dice.

Running it in admin mode. Nadda. Turning off the firewall yielded a negative result as well.

Disabling the DEP pretty much failed.

Oh and i use windows 7 64 bit.

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Edit: i emailed the makers of the game, and they suggested I turn XP compatible mode on for the game and it worked, I'm also on Win7 64.

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Well I have only just put the code in and the game does not start at all. I have tried run as admin, disable themes, compatability modes and still the same 'razor.exe has stopped working'. Not a good selling point, not surprised it was not in the end user agreement.
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