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Animation and graphic - great...but disappointing

Is it just me or do you feel too that the graphic and ESPECIALLY the animation in both SEs could have been MUCH better?

Don't get me wrong, both MIs are great games and particularly MI2 is IMO the greatest adventure game ever made, period. And the very fact that somebody even bothered to produce cover versions, in this hack-n'-slash 3D braindead rush-fests day and age, is simply amazing.

But folks, what a missed opportunity! Especially the decision to "honor" the original animation by not improving it at all seems to me so completely ridiculous that I'm lost for words. Hey, why not "honoring" the old graphic by leaving it in 256 colors no? Or why not go "full honor" and not release just the unchanged original game on GOG.com?

And while the graphic, unlike the animation, IS a huge improvement, oftentimes it seems only midway to the full greatness. Especially in MI1SE in the Monkey Island locations it feels a bit cheap.

In short, I think once they decided to make a HD cover, they should have done it properly. I don't complain coz I have enjoyed both new SEs immensely. Take it as just a little sigh from and old fan.
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Upping the resolution to allow for more detailed textures should be a matter of multiplying all the coordinates by a certain factor.
Adding voices and different music doesn't influence the core game.
Other improvements to the game are also a layer on top of what was already there, I imagine.

Improving the animations however (I'm assuming you mean adding extra frames) would mean making major changes to the program, making it incompatible to the original version which is (more or less) still there to be used.
I can't say I know how the remake actually was made, but I wouldn't be surprised if improving the animations simply wasn't an option.
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The only thing that has bothered me so far about MI2:SE is the fact that Guybrush seems to be the only character in the game based on a 3D model, while everyone else is handpainted. It's very noticeable, and makes the look of the characters compared to Guybrush very inconsistent.
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