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Can't consistently cast spells

Playing quick battles (very weak vs very weak) I've noticed that I'm not always able to cast spells even though my hero has more than enough power points.

There might be a spell that costs 6 to use, my hero has 15 or 16 points but the spell icon won't light up! I've seen this happen when I got a hot turn with multiple chains scoring and the hero's power total zips up from 1 or 2 to way past the spells cost. When that happens, I can't cast the spell no matter how high the power total goes. I saw it happen once with the computer - the computer had a useful spell with FAR more than enough power to activate it but never did for the rest of the game.

This looks like a glitch similar to the no-extra-turn glitch. Should be fixable by editing a script (puzb.lua) but I don't know the code that well.

------------ 7/30/2010 update ------

Now that I've played the campaign a bit I've noticed the glitch has not occured in campaign games... only quick battles. Odd. Wouldn't they use the same script for quick battles as campaign battles?

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