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why is this splashed over the steam store page?

this reminds me of the gamespot incident where tons was spent on advertising the game on that site and the reviewer gave his honest opinion and got fired for it!. based on that incident i think the good folks at valve will be tip toeing around for a little bit whilst this game tanks lest they get blamed for poor sales performance.
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It's nothing new. Napoleon: Total War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Mafia II, and others have all taken out large storefront ads before (and never for longer than a couple days; expect the KL2 ad to disappear at some point today). It would appear that Valve allows publishers to take out such ads on a short-term temporary basis. Also of note is that all of these games featured Steamworks. It could be that Valve is particularly keen to promote Steamworks-integrated games, with such ads.

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the first kayne and lynch didn't do to hot.

The games that make the biggest profit are the ones who spend the most on advertising.
That's what sells games sadly.
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