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Returning player looking for fresh start/new players

Hello and greetings!

I am a Guild Wars player since the early days of beta who ultimately took a break from the series over a year ago, and I am now looking to come back into the world of Tyria in the very near future. The purpose of this thread is the hopes of finding players new to the series or also returning players who want to start back at the beginning for a fresh start. To help this post from becoming a big overblown paragraph of information, I decided to write a mini faq of info below to help you decide on if this may be of interest to you:

1) The intentions of the "guild"

The intentions of the guild (that will be created for this purpose soon), is to recruit fresh new players to the series and returning players who seek a fresh start without the worries of having to quickly hit right into the metagame and skipping 90% of the story and side content found in the game. I plan on covering all main guild wars missions as a group in all 4 core packs (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eyes of the North)and be a source (as a guild) to help out on side missions and other optional functions of the game. Later, we will hit into pvp and other group related content as it comes.

2) What kind of people is the guild looking for?

As stated, new players and returning players who are looking to start out with a clean fresh start is who the ideal players are. We want the players who want the satisfaction of figuring out mission strategies as a group rather than having people spoil the whole run through guild wars and telling them exactly how to do everything without thinking for themselves. That is one of the major problems with mmos that have been out for a while and there is always a large crowd of players who need the game spoon fed to them so they can quickly get into metagame without really knowing how to play their class or know the real structure of the mmo.

That being said, the quality of members are those that are ego and drama free, are friendly oriented and show a nice personality, are here to play the game and enjoy the game as a group, and have the time to play regularly through the week. I don't expect players to play every day or 24/7 as we all have lives, but if you are a player that may log in a couple times a month, this guild may not be for you.

3) What is the name of the guild?

I have not decided and will probably come down to member suggestions and what everyone likes the best.

4) Who I am and what mmmos have I played and led guilds in?

I am a 23 year old male gamer who is currently finishing up the last 1.5 years of a network engineering degree. The list of mmos I have played is Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Matrix Online, City of Heroes/Villains, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars, Aion, and Shin Megami Tensei Online. I have led successful guilds in Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft Online.

5) Which Campaign will we be starting in?

We will be starting as Anet originally intended to be played. Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, then Eyes of the North. I am aware that certain classes are restricted to starting out in certain campaigns, but as we get to them, feel free to remake or continue with a previous character.

6) On the topic of communication

As some of us know, Guild Wars has no real official form of voice communication built in so we must rely on third party programs such as Vent and Team Speak. If any member has suggestions or can provide a server for the guild, that would be great (and I will be looking for solutions myself). The guild DOES NOT require you to have a mic, but voice chat is useful so please at least consider it.

7) Personal future gaming plans

To be fair, I want to point out that I currently have FFXIV CE on preorder and have full intentions of playing that game regularly on release (sept 22). That said, if the guild wars guild is successful, I will also continue to play this game and split the time between mmos in such that they will not conflict. If things get too bogged down for me for whatever reason, I will be sure to elect someone to take over leadership to make sure everyone is having a great and fun experience ingame. If others are interested in playing FFXIV also, it is possible to start a guild over there also.

Guild Wars 2 will be release sometimes (hopefully) next year and I have full intentions of running a similar guild of this nature for that game. If anything, think of this as a opportunity to build an online gaming family, rather than just another guild.

8) Sounds Great! How can I contact you and when will we be starting?

The best way to contact me would to just reply to this thread, add me on steam (kosmos13x), or email me at kosmos13x@gmail.com If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in this topic, but I ask you to be constructive and friendly I am looking to get the wheels turning around the first weekend of August and will go from there and see what happens.

Sorry for the LONG post, but I wanted to get the information out on who the guild is looking for, cover most of the information of the guild itself, and to show how serious I am in getting this to work.

Hope to hear from you soon. Happy gaming!

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Hey Man! Yea I've been slowly gaining interest in GW again soo yea man Add me on Steam Zombzomb23 or I guess contact me.
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I wish you luck with the restart
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*edit* ncsoft finally fixed my accounts ugh.

Thanks for the interest (and comment!) and will definitely let you know asap when and if my account will get unblocked.

Zombzomb23 I sent you a friends invite just now. I guess it was total fail for me to not even list my own steam SN! Should be getting an invitation from kosmos13x.

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This sounds just like what I need to get back into Guild Wars. I have every campaign and consider myself a good player.
Add me on Steam:


or in Guild Wars:

Lucas Webber

It would also be a good idea if this starts up to get a steam group going too for better Guild Communication.

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I'd be interested in this, been looking for something to do in GW that isn't trying to get achievements. Don't have it through Steam, so my IG name is Zura Tul, feel free to add me.
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