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Problem running LAN games in Killing Floors

I have been successfully playing Killing Fields for a few weeks now. I am able to play it both in solo mode and multiplayer mode. I have no issues connecting to servers on the internet. But, I am having two problems. First, trying to start a dedicated server game causes the program to stop working and exit. Second, if I start a listen server on my iMac, I can see the game on my macbook pro, but I am unable to connect to it. I have tried accepting incoming connections for steam and killing floors for both systems. I have tried turning the firewall off completely for each system. I have tried manually opening the required ports in my Time Capsule. None of these measures have improved the outcome. Basically, I am left with the iMac running the server ready to accept connections, and the macbook pro seeing the host but unable to connect to it. I also tried connection through the console directly. The macbook pro states that it is attempting to connect to the correct ip address, but it never progresses past that. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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This also happened to me. It just closed the game with no error code or anything when I tried to make a dedicated, and no one could join the listen server :/
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