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Angry Any chance of a refund?

This game's absolutely terrible.. I can't believe how unusable it is.

I'm used product's on the Steam store being of a good quality, so I expected the same from this thing. But the colour's are all messed up and it crashes constantly. It's not enjoyable in the slightest.

I'm running Windows 7, Ive tried setting it into Windows XP compatability mode and even Windows 95/98/vista modes but it doesn't seem to fix any problems.

Adding to this the actual menu of the game is rather annoying and unintuitive. I'd have thought Steam had some kind of quality control about what get's to the store.
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there's a thread to how to fix it http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1340471
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Originally Posted by gunguy765 View Post
The problem being I shouldn't have to turn off standard windows features in order to be able to play a game, and that there are other issues as well, don't count for anything. Seriously. I want a refund too, I'm trying to get one, I bought this under the idea that the game should work, not that I have to wrestle with it to make it work.
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