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SteamPlay not working in EU3

I've been an EU3 player for a while since I found it cheap at a used book store. When it came out on Steam, I thought it was worth buying again for SteamPlay. I was under the impression that it would allow me to save a game on one computer and resume it on another, regardless of the platform. It does not do this. Is there something I have to configure or did I not understand what SteamPlay is? I saved my first game on a Mac. I tried to resume it on both a different Mac and a PC. Nothing showed up on either.
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The feature you are talking about is called Steam Cloud. SteamPlay just means a game can be played on both PC and Mac - so you are buying two versions of a game for the price of one. Steam Cloud (from Wikipedia):

'Valve provides a service called Steam Cloud. For supported games, Steam Cloud stores various amounts of game data, such as keyboard shortcut settings and single-player game saves, on a central server. Any changes to relevant game files are uploaded to the main server, and newer files are automatically downloaded and used when a game is started. Valve launched the service simultaneously with the release of Left 4 Dead, and the service now supports most newer Valve games. It is one of the services offered to game developers through Steamworks. Users can individually disable Steam Cloud on a per-game and per-account basis.'

Only a few select games on steam have steam cloud http://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=. EUIII is not one of them.
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