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Wink My critic opinion

Ok, this is a good game.
Simple and funny, but it needs more work.

My negative toughs:

1. I had finished the game without loosing a round at first try.
2. I had never bought an improvement (too expensive!)
3. Multiplayer is always empty!!!
4. Too dialogues; two ways: make it more funny or faster.
5. Gameplay and graphics are too much similar to a flash game.
6. The battleground is always the same: more concepts?

7. LAUNCH SOME RECYCLERS (I used to send 4 by time) CREATES A PARADOX:
a recycler costs 5 bucks, but when it dies you get 20 bucks (sometimes it seems 40). So when I send a convoy with 4 recyclers I spend 20 and I get 60 (the last one cannot recycle itself).
So make money becames too easy!

8. Some bugs: changing the resolution sometimes force me to quit the game (unable to interact); sometimes a unit floats in the air ignoring everybody.

9. Too short: 1 hour to end the game.

Developers (hope they will read this and other's feedback) have to improve graphics and (most important) the gameplay.

Anyway, good work!
Keep it this way.
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Hi imente, very good thread!
We read every thread to support our customers and of course to read users' opinions like yours. I think you have summarized what people think about Power Of Defense and what WE should primarily improve in the next update. Some points we have already done, but the main part is game testing :-)
But again thank you for your suggestions. They helped us.
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