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iphone development.

Now the ID tech 5 engine and he Unreal 3 engine is ported to iphone would there be any possibiliies of seeing some great FPS appearing on the IOS 4.0, or even the source engine.

Will there be any attempt to port games like counter-strike, day of defeat, HL1, now we have an upgraded version of the engine they work on running smoothly on an iPhone?
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Once they figure out a good control scheme for iOS games, we may see some decent or classic FPSs on the iPhone/iPod/iPad.

I doubt Source would make the transition in the near future though, it's alot more CPU-intensive than other engines. Not so much on the GPU though.
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Have you played achetype? that has an auto-shoot style of control, you line up the shot by getting the enemy in the crossheir and the shot is taken automatically, I thought it worked quite well and could be quite good for the original counter-strike.

The on screen twin sticks are fine, the only problem is with most iphone FPS is you need to take your right thumb away and tap to fire, which can result in the moment being lost, although NOVA was quite playable.

Maybe they could somehow use the volume button for a trigger?

Edit-actually that would be ideal, I've just held my iPhone with my thumbs on screen and pressed the volume key as if it were a trigger and it's very comfortable, but it might need permission from apple to change an IOS feature, the might not like a game changing the functionality of the phone.

Either way I'd rather have the great Valve games with minor issues rather than not have them, counter-strike would be a massive app store hit.

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For the sceptical amongst us here is id tech 5 running on an iPhone 4 (carmack claims it runs fine on 1st gen iPhone)

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