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Quake Mods?

hello all i want to know is if you can download mods for quake 1,2 and 3 from moddb and would they work with steam version
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The ultimate quake 1 patch, which if you haven't got it yet, you should try it. It might help the mouse issue as well.

Anyways, the ultimate quake 1 patch for steam uses the Darkplaces sourceport, which still use Steam logging of hours, and has a in-game menu option to load up mods.

I am not sure about Quake 2 or Quake 3, as I don't play them as much.
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Quake 3 has an built in mod launcher, which shouldn't operate any differently in the Steam version.
I haven't any mods on the Steam version of Quake 2, but I don't see why it shouldn't work, except for that you'll have to create a shortcut or edit the command line yourself for any mod you'd like to play.
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