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no servers appear and cant join friends

i bought g-mod earlier today and upon playing it and getting the hang of it i wanted to save this cool creation i got so after downloading the advanced duplicator add-on i went into the game and i couldnt rejoin my friend, also no multiplayer servers appeared and the refresh button never finished its "refreshing" i deleted the add-on and still it didnt work so i deleted all garry's mod info aand re-downloaded off steam but it still did not work i also tried simply restarting my computer and internet... NOTHING.. btw.. singleplayer still works for me, i dont know what to do, tf2 servers work for me which are close to the same so i dont know what to do PLEASE HELP
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Refreshing the Gmod server list can take a very long time, and it needs to be refreshed after every Gmod update, and it seems the refresh will ping with each Gmod server in the whole world.

Besides this I notice that lot's of other people are complaining about this issue.

A workarround for them was to select the server from Steam and then connect directly or just join their friends using the friendlist.
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