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D6 Level Stuck/Bug

Just watched a walkthrough so i know its not suppose to do this, anyway i get to the first part of the D6 level and i cant use anything, i can scroll through my weapons but cant select one, i cant even use the E (use) key to pick up stuff or open doors so its just completely bugged.

I dont know if im gonna try to replay through or not because thats super lame "The Funny thing is i can use my flashlight" Maybe if i focus it on the door long enough it can some how burn through it!!

"Restarting at checkpoint or reloading game doesnt fix it either"



Had to reload a previous chapter to get it to fix, im not sure if its because i still had my gas mask on during the train ride then the guy gave me extra packs for it or what, but i redid the level b4 that "Cave" which took like 5 minutes because your teamates pretty much kill everything. After i got to the start of D6 again i could use my weapons and use key ect.

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I encountered this bug too, but just restarting the D6 chapter fixed it (not checkpoint).
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