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Valuing games for purchase

Just wondering how everybody judges what games they will buy and won't buy. I've decided that I'm pretty cheap and go off of a ratio of about a $1.00/hour of gameplay for most games that I decide to buy.

For example, I bought BF:BC2 for $50 and got about 57 hours of gameplay out of it before I got bored with it, so I feel I got my money's worth and would recommend it to a friend. Or with Mass Effect, I bought it on sale for $4.99 and beat it in 14 hours so I'm happy with my purchase but I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it when it was released.
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Some games I pay full price for, and iv'e been burned before especially with trusted developers, but I usually use the drink method, I look at a game and think "if this is worth a few hours of game play as aposed to say a few beers I could drink" then its worth it cause the beer is in and out in an hour and I can fart around with the game for a long time

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I like to think of it that way. $1=1hr or even would I rather buy a game on sale that I can have 50+ hrs of gameplay in for the price of a movie ticket that would entertain me for 2 hrs?

I was bored and compiled a list. The top being games that have exceeded the money value or games that I will continue playing and eventually will. The bottom being games I probably won't play much/ever again. Not too bad but still a waste of $50:

borderlands - 10$ - 34 hrs
mw2 - $37 - 38 hrs
gta4 - $20 - 5 hrs
l4d - $ 30 - 159 hrs
l4d2 - $30 0 26 hrs
tf2/HL2 - $30 - 8 hrs(hl2) 179 hrs (tf2)
bioshock 2 - $10 - 9 hrs
garry's mod - $10 - 4 hrs
stalker - $2 - 3 hrs
dod:s - $10 - 9 hrs
mount and blade:wb - $10 - 3 hrs
swkotr - $2 - 23min
red orchestra - $10 - 3 hrs

blacklight - $15 - 1 hr
crysis warhead - $10 - 2 hrs
frontlines: fuel of war - $7.50 - 1 hr
grid - $7.50 - 1 hr
scourge project - $5 - 1 hr
thief - $3 - 11 min
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If I used the $1 an hour logic with Counter-Strike the game would be valued at $10,000 for all the time I have played it lol.
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If I'm interested in a game but don't really have an urge to buy it, I'll wait for a sale on it, unless it has time-sensitive bonuses, in which case I'll guage how much I want those bonuses (such as Worms Reloaded's 10% off, extra hat/stage/etc DLC, and TF2 crossover). In the case of Garry's Mod, it wasn't on a Daily Deal during the summer sale, but I still got it, though I haven't done with it the things I've wanted to (Protomen and Human Equation videos). I did buy Monkey Island 2 at full price, but it came with the first game, so it's effectively half-off for the pair.

Now, retail games, I find myself will to blow multiple tens of dollars on, especially in light of pre-order swag. Currently in my wings are KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (PSP decals that, honestly, I probably won't use once I get a PSP in November) and a $10 coupon (which comes out to less money spend than ordering from GameStop with $5 off), Etrian Odyssey III (the thing I intend to use the coupon on, putting it even below $20 and still coming with a poster and 60-page artbook, undoubtedly full of spoilers for a series I haven't played), Sonic Colors (I missed out on the Scribblenauts Rooster Hat, I'm not missing out on a big dumb Sonic one, plus the price has reduced to $30...and Amazon still doesn't have it on pre-order, though at least now I can actually buy something from that GS my friend and I keep bugging), Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (the first two games were some of my first not-Intellivision/Atari or Pokémon games; please, oh please, release the first two (with a revised script, thanks) on a DS combo (or Virtual Handheld)), and, the crown jewel, the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack, featuring a not-entirely-black-but-still-not-ing-Mystuc-Silver PSP-3001 (it's black-and-red, a combo very many of my things seem to have), both PSP God of War games (reportedly solid hack-&-slash/brawler sort of gameplay), a movie I may care about watching (Kick- has to be better than School of Rock), and...2 Gig memory stick (about its only shortcoming, compared to the Rock Band: Unplugged pack).

Yeah, I'm a handhelder at heart.
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stella artois
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Thats a ridiculous premise, its like saying every 180 movie is better than every 90 movie at the cinema because its twice as long.

Quality > quantity, or do you seriously not agree with that? And yes it does apply to gaming, theres some moderate/good games that have a repetitively long story mode I've played through to get to the end which arent worth 1/10th of short games like the original Doom or Braid just off the top of my head, HL2 was a few hour jobbie also and not really had a wish for a repeat play but the journey was worth the money.
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TF2 50$(price of orange box) / 672 H

It's a really good game, you can always expect awesome content updates.

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I've developped a rather neat system

I try to estimate the cost/hour as you said, comparing it to other activities (games usually turn out cheap )

Next i decide if the game is really worth the time investment (reviews, ...)

Finally, i check my wallet. If the amount required is in it, i buy the game, if not ... (the reasoning of an impulse buy in a bargain bin from a cheap store without credit card acceptance) If it's a game I really want/like i might make an exception to this rule (i'm not going to go withdraw to buy it )
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I do keep track of how long it will entertain me but I also have a method to avoid buying bad games. I do my own research by reading player reviews and to see if the play style would be to my liking. If those requirements are met then I add the game to my list on Google Docs for game to buy on the Steam Summer/Christmas sale. This way I don't end up with a bunch of games I don't want just because they were cheap.
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well :P if we go money/playtime. Trials 2 @ 44hrs/€
I don't really look at how much time I spend compared to my mone.y If I feel it was worth it after playing through it, great. Wouldn't pay 50€ for a 3hour game though.
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Originally Posted by AciD View Post
TF2 50$(price of orange box) / 672 H

It's a really good game, you can always expect awesome content updates.
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