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Commander Achievements

Commander: Conquest of the Americas
STEAM Achievements

Hello everybody,
We have implemented Commander's achievements into STEAM.

I guess you've seen them already if you play steam, but!

Here is a complete list of them:
  1. Founding Father
    Established 1st colony
  2. Peace maker
    20 years without fighting
  3. Naval Rookie
    Fought the 1st naval battle
  4. Trading Rookie
    Sold 1st cargo
  5. Survivor
    Passed the 1st 5 years in the game
  6. Diplomat
    Player concluded the 1st diplomatic negotiations
  7. The Armada
    Player got over 100 ships
  8. Master and Commander
    Control 50 warships at the same time during a normal campaign
  9. Leader
    100% colony morale achieved
  10. Boarder
    Successfully capture 10 ships with boarding action
  11. Home Runner Bronze
    100 Trips to home port
  12. Home Runner Silver
    1000 Trips to home port
  13. Home Runner Gold
    10000 Trips to home port
  14. Sweet Tooth
    1000 tons sugar to home port
  15. Gold Digger
    1000 tons of gold to home port
  16. Home Maker
    Colonies in every territory
  17. Trades with Wolfs
    1000 units of resources gotten from Indians
  18. Indian Warhammer
    50 attacks from Indians
  19. Lord of the Castle
    Palace level 1 built
  20. Prince of the Castle
    Palace level 2 built
  21. King of the Castle
    Palace level 3 built
  22. Rhumsey Rhum
    1000 units of rum imported
  23. Royal Cuban Cigars
    1000 units of cigars imported
  24. Pax Atlantica
    Allies with all other nations
  25. Masters of War
    At war with all nations at once
  26. The Navigator
    Discovered 20 empty colony spots in one game
  27. Colonizer
    Player has more than 100,000 colonists
  28. Grand Army
    Reached 25 000 soldiers on ships and in garrisons
  29. Collector
    Built every single ship in game
  30. Center of Trade
    3 different product factories in one city
  31. Romantic
    Played 10 tactical battles with "Sunset" as the time of day all during one campaign
  32. Sniper
    Hit one enemy ship, range 2000 or more
  33. Bring in the Goods
    Built one of every tradeship type in a single game
  34. Equipped like a Nelson
    Built one of every warship type in a single game
  35. Feed the fishes
    Sank 40 enemy ships in a single game
  36. Warlord
    Defeat 3 enemy nations
  37. Conqueror of the Americas
    Conquer a total of 10 colonies
  38. Warmonger
    Declare war 20 times
  39. Gold hoarder
    Get 1 Million in the bank
  40. Filthy rich
    Get 10 million in the bank
  41. Emperor of the New World
    10 colonies founded in a single game
  42. Pirate slayer
    Sink 20 pirate ships
  43. Getting started
    Completed the Getting Started Tutorial
  44. Peace is our Business
    Win the game without attacking an enemy colony or fleet
  45. Canuck
    Establish at least 3 colonies in area 1
  46. Hidalgo
    Player has 5/4/3 colonies in area 4 (easy/normal/hard)
  47. Delra
    Player has a total of 30 tradeships, atleast 3 traderoutes with 5 stops
  48. Conqueror
    Player has a colony in every colony spot
  49. Battle king
    Win 20 tactical battles without losing one ship
  50. Indestructible
    Won a battle without taking any damage on any ship
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