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Gamespy Comrade

Ok I do no use gamespy comrade but Cyrsis (Steam) install always wants to install it. I thought maybe clicking cancel or not accepting the agreement would eliminate the install attempt but it does not. Each time I play Crysis, the Gamespy Comrade install prompt comes up. Any way to stop this other than installing it. That should not be a requirment.
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Same thing here. I wanted to see if someone knew a switch in the CFG file that would turn it off. I will try parsing through it tonight.
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First I would try to Google your problem and see what comes up; if that doesn't work then I would let it install and then turn of windows start up option in comrade's settings.

It doesn't take up that much room on your hard drive and I find that it's no that bad when you get used to it. I have several games installed with it through d2d but I never had the problem that you are experiencing with Crysis.

Hope you guys find some solution.
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My Google-Fu is strong.

In the folder Crysis installs to (\Steam\steamapps\common\crysis) delete the Gamespy Comrade folder. Just tried it and it works.
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