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Physx SDK not initialized.


Just finished downloading Mafia 2. Can't start the game, I am getting this error:

"PhysX SDK not initialized. Physx System Software will be installed"

It does not install anything though. It gathers information then the install just stops.

I the latest Nvidia drivers that were installed yesterday for my new GTX480, so Physx is definitely installed. But I have just reinstalled them to be safe.

I have checked validity of game files.

Anyone got any ideas?
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Well, I uninstalled Physx, then started the game, and the game installer put physx on for me again :S Bizarre. Nvm, game working.
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I had the same problem. Uninstalling my then installed version of the PhysX runtimes and then downloading + installing v9.10.0513 solved the issue for me.
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