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How to manually set your resolution

Your resolution and screen settings are stored in your system registry.

If you've never edited a registry with regedit before, I recommend you become familiar with this before editing anything. Here are a couple of guides:I am now assuming you know how to safely edit your registry and I take absolutely no responsibility for any harm you might do to your system. Editing your Puzzle Quest 2 registry won't cause any harm to anything unrelated, but don't go tinkering around in other places unless you know what you're doing. You should always backup your files and settings in case you accidentally break something and need to restore.

Now, onto editing your Puzzle Quest 2 registry!
  • Open regedit
  • Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Infinite Interactive > Puzzle Quest 2
  • You should see a list of REG_DWORD entries. "resolution" is your resolution setting, "screen" is your windowed/fullscreen setting.
  • To modify the resolution setting, right click the resolution entry and select modify
  • To modify the screen setting, right click the screen entry and select modify

These are the Decimal values for the supported resolutions and screen modes:

resolution/Decimal value
640x480 = 5
800x480 = 8
800x600 = 9
1024x768 = 11
1152x720 = 12
1280x720 = 13
1280x800 = 14
1280x960 = 15
1280x1024 = 16
1228x768 = 17
1366x768 = 18
1440x900 = 19
1600x1200 = 20
1680x1050 = 21
1920x1080 = 22
1920x1200 = 23
1600x900 = 24
1024x600 = 25

screen/Decimal value
Fullscreen = 0
Windowed = 1

If for some reason you don't see resolution and screen entries for Puzzle Quest 2, you can easily create them yourself.
  • Right click on Puzzle Quest 2 in regedit
  • Highlight "New", select "DWORD (32-bit) Value"
  • Name the new value "resolution" or "screen", depending on what you're missing
  • Right click the new entry, select "Modify..."
  • Click on the Decimal radio button, then enter your value in the Value data field

That should be all the information you need. Reply to this thread if you need further assistance, or use the support email guide to get in contact with us.
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