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Patch notes: Recettear v1.106

Greetings, sapients. The polish patch has dropped on Steam; the game should update on your next Steam login if it hasn't already.

Here's the patch notes for 1.106:

- Corrected a number of typographical errors throughout the game script. Melons, however, continue to insist that they reside in deserts.

- Corrected improperly set monster statistics in certain dungeons - this should have the effect of making the early dungeons a bit easier and the later dungeons (Obsidian Tower and beyond) more challenging, even for well-leveled, well-geared adventurers.

- Corrected an error wherein the description of your current merchant level did not display.

- Corrected an error wherein certain musical cues in events did not obey volume control.

- Error wherein adventurers do not equip certain items sold to them should be corrected.

Note that this does not fix the crash issues a few people have been reporting (or probably won't, at any rate) - we're still gathering data on that and frustratingly we still can't replicate the issue on our end at all. We'll announce if and when we make headway on this.

We hope everyone continues to enjoy Recettear!

Andrew Dice, Project Director & Lead Editor, Carpe Fulgur LLC

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale - Indie Shop Simulator/RPG from Japan. Try it today!
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