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Final doom will not run

first off, let me say that i have looked in the sticky'd thread and i did not find the answer to my problem.

i have just purchased final doom on steam, and when i click on it Dosbox opens up, stays blank, then closes in a matter of seconds. I've tried opening dosbox and starting the DOOM2 executable file from there, but instead i can only play this level called "the plutonium missions". what do i do so i can get this game working?
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Launch it through the Steam client - it gives you the option of playing Plutonia or Evilution, and which control scheme you want to use.

(On a side note, Evilution support was done poorly. They load it with the -file parameter, so you get "this copy of Doom has been modified" warning and the wrong map names. The solution would've been to have a separate copy of doom2.exe in another directory for loading Evilution, since Plutonia takes priority when both are in the same directory.)
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