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When will BF1 be available?

On steam
Any ideas?
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I'm not sure we ever will. Everyone I know who tries to run SWBF1 on Windows 7, can't get it to run.. or run right. Maybe there are some that can run it but I haven't found any. I hope they do offer it someday but I have a feeling it'll need a patch to do it, and the chances of that are slim and none.
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Papa Midnight
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Originally Posted by NightFlight View Post
On steam
Any ideas?
Taking into account the considerable problems that game suffers with modern operating systems - that's excluding just getting it to launch - and LucasArts' less than stellar history of product support for older products, I doubt we'll ever see it available on Steam.
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It's working perfect for me on windows 7, our clan (www.tprclan.com) started as a SWBF1 clan and no one has had trouble playing the game on w7.

Plus SWBF1 is more fun and a better game than SWBF2, so I hope it'll get on Steam for people who can't get it anywhere else.
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I'm also one of those people that shares the sentiment that BF2 was just a crappy remake of BF1. Almost everything about BF1 was better - the gameplay and the graphics in particular.

That said, given how difficult it is to support BF2 I don't see Steam selling BF1 anytime soon.
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